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X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture Review

X-Seed is a unique company. Like their competitors, their seed mixes are designed to produce healthy, long lasting, and beautiful lawns. Unlike their competitors, their seed mixes are 99.9% free of weeds, contain low inert matter, have no noxious weeds, and feature no more than 10% annual ryegrass. Because straight seed varieties tend to be more susceptible to infestation and disease, X-Seed has devoted themselves to creating premium grass seed mixes that offer better performance than standard, untreated seeds alone.

The newest addition to their product lineup is the X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture. This mixture is formulated with species of grass that are proven to thrive without exposure to direct sunlight. The seed spreads quickly, and in most cases, will begin to germinate within seven days of being planted. With proper care and nourishment, the grass seed will mature in approximately 30 days, and the final result is a lush, dark green lawn that will be your pride and joy. Because the seeds in this mixture are perennials, they can be counted on to return year after year.


  • This product is recommended for cool season grasses.
  • X-Seed offers a satisfaction guarantee to their clients.
  • The grass seed is tolerant of high levels of traffic.


  • It has a high price tag.
  • It cannot be used on lawns that receive exposure to full sunlight.


  • This grass seed is formulated to grow well in shady areas.
  • It performs well in a variety of soils, including sandy soil.
  • Because it uses perennial seeds, the grass will return year after year.
  • The X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture is available in 3lb and 20lb bags.


The X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture is comprised of 60 to 65% of fine fescue. Combined with the other seeds in this mixture, it will tolerate and grow in as little as 6 hours of filtered sunlight. X-Seed created this blend specifically to grow well in compacted and poor soils, and because of the nature of the seeds included, it will mix well with any existing lawn.

The exact seed composition of this mixture is:

  • 35.85% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
  • 28.89% Program Perennial Ryegrass
  • 22.27% K-2 Chewings Fescue
  • 9.85% --Kelly Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 0.85% - Other Crop Seed
  • 2.26% - Inert Matter
  • 0.03% - Weed Seed

With cultivation and attention, the X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture produces a thick carpet of lush grass that is dark green in color. This mixture has become particularly popular among parks and golf courses because of its ability to withstand high levels of foot traffic. The 20lb bag of this grass seed will cover 14,000 sq feet of existing lawn and roughly 7,000 feet of newly seeded lawn. On average, the seed will germinate 7 days after planting, and many reviewers noted that their lawns required mowing with 30 days of planting the seed. This fast germination rate makes this mixture ideal to use on lawns with brown or bald patches of dirt.

X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture, 20-Pound
10 Reviews
X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture, 20-Pound
  • Grows thick in shady areas
  • Performs well in poor soils
  • Comes back year after year
  • Covers 14,000 square feet for existing lawns,7,000 feet for new lawns

At the time of this writing, 67% of reviewers on Amazon have given the X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture a five-star rating. It has been praised for its quick germination rate and ability to produce aesthetically pleasing grass. The primary complaints users have had against this grass seed are its high price, and for a small percentage of users, the fact that it failed to germinate. However, failure to grow can be attributed to some different factors and should not be attributed solely to the quality of the seed.


Overall, the X-Seed Ultra Premium Shady Lawn Seed Mixture appears to grow well regardless of where it is planted – so long as it is not planted in direct sunlight. If supplied with adequate amounts of water, it will grow quickly and beautifully. With X-Seed’s satisfaction money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving this grass seed a try.

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