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​Worx Turbine WG520 Corded Leaf Blower Review

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The Worx TURBINE WG520 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with Variable Speed Control –  is a product of the WORX company, a leader in tools and yard equipment.

Each product manufactured by WORX features an innovate design that makes it stand out from its competitors.

If you are researching corded leaf blowers, then you should be comparing various manufacturers and their products. Leaf blowers typically come with a wide array of features so you must determine which blower offers everything you want and need to make your yard work easier.

We feel that the Worx WG520 is a popular product that warrants an in depth review.  Please read on to learn more about our findings.


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    Features advanced TURBINE fan technology to deliver forceful, high-capacity airflow that is twice as fast and powerful as the average commercial gas blower.
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    Hyper-stream nozzle to deliver powerful performance wherever you need it to lift away hard-to-remove dried on leaves or wet, matted debris.
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    Variable speed control so the power can be tailored for the job.


  • Some users report the on and off switch is difficult to operate.
  • Additional included attachments would be helpful


  • Very ergonomic, so you never experience excessive hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain and strain.
  • Power control features a knob instead of a trigger.  The knob lets you dial in the exact power you require.
  • Tool-free assembly, so the blower is ready to use right out of the box.
  • Has a hyper-speed nozzle to focus on hard to remove debris.
  • Built-in cord retainer, so the cord never gets in your way during operation.
  • Lightweight (weighs only 6.4 pounds) so it is ideal for people of all sizes and shapes.
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    An impressive 3-year manufacturer warranty


The Worx WG429 has a single turbine that is designed after a jet engine. The airflow technology is instrumental and impressive. The 12 A electric motor produces 56 volts of power.

The blower will effortlessly blow away leaves, debris, pine needles, and twigs with the efficiency of a commercial gas-powered blower. It quickly creates hurricane-force wind speeds up to 110 mph with an impressive volume of 600 CFM.

The variable speed controls let you tailor the airflow for the job you are performing, so you maintain complete control over the blower’s power output. The Hyper-Speed nozzle allows you to target the dirtiest areas with ease and break up even stuck on substances.

Size & Weight

The blower’s compact size and light weight of only 6.4 pounds make it great for women, elderly individuals, or those suffering from health problems that cannot hold a more substantial model.

However, don’t let its small size fool you, this blower is every bit as capable as it’s larger, heavier counterparts. Its diminutive size means you can hold it with ease using only one hand. The handle design allows a firm grip, and there is minimal vibration so you won’t experience fatigue.


There is no complicated assembly with this blower.  Directly plug it into an electrical source, and you are ready to start blowing.

The low maintenance design of this blower and the fact that its electric so you don’t have to worry about mixing and adding gas and oil are two bonus features that make this blower even more impressive.

The cord retainer is also an excellent feature. It keeps the cord out of your way while you are using the blower and you don’t have to worry about accidentally unplugging it.

Other highlights of this leaf blower include:

  • The fan housing is covered with a durable cover, so you don’t have to fear accidentally touching the fan or getting debris stuck in it while in operation.
  • Controls are conveniently located near the handle so you can use only a single hand when operating this blower.
  • The blower’s 600 CFM makes this blower operate quieter than other blowers
  • It measures 40 x 11 x 9.6 inches.


Some users have reported that the on and off switch sticks or is difficult to operate. If this is the case, then you should contact WORX because they provide a 3-year warranty with this blower.

Other users have voiced dissatisfaction that this unit because it does not offer mulch and vacuuming capabilities, unlike other comparable brands. However, as with all purchases, you will need to compare the various models to decide which one has the key features that you require in a blower.

Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with 110 MPH and 600 CFM Output and Variable Speed Control – WG520
1,023 Reviews
Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with 110 MPH and 600 CFM Output and Variable Speed Control – WG520
  • TURBINE fan technology delivers forceful, high-capacity air volume that is up to twice as fast as...
  • Dynamic airflow design and Hyper-Stream nozzle for maximum performance, variable speed control to...
  • Very lightweight at 6.4 lbs. to easily control with one hand without getting fatigued ,Rated power-...
  • Power cord retainer for hassle-free leaf blowing


The lightweight and comfortable operation features of the Worx WG520 makes this an excellent blower for general homeowner use.

Its one-hand operation is perfect for seniors, women, and other individuals. The turbine power of the blower is an undeniable plus for any job - big or small.

The ability to control the blower’s airspeed with the turn of a knob is also a bonus that cannot be overlooked when comparing blowers. WORX is a leader in innovative lawn equipment and tools. Their products are built-to-last at an affordable price.

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