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WORX TRIVAC Yard-in-One Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum Review

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When beautiful Autumn rolls around, the temperature starts to drop, and the leaves begin to fall...and fall....and fall. This is the season when homeowners get to work - blowing, raking, vacuuming, bagging, mulching, and more.

There is a product that seriously lightens the load - the 3-in-1 WORX TriVac WG502 Leaf Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum. This equipment looks a little different. It has a slender main body and a flat, wide nozzle that angles upward at the tip.

This particular design has several distinct benefits which makes it one of the best electric leaf blowers that we reviewed.

First, it's balanced perfectly so the user only needs one hand to swing it from side to side (If you've very tall or quite petite, you might need to adjust your posture a bit for the nozzle to remain at the correct angle and height).

Second, the WG502 requires less bending. That angled upward vacuum tube makes it a snap to get under shrubs, decks, tables, etc., without ever having to bend, a feature much appreciated by people with bad backs.

Third, just by moving one lever, it changes from a vacuum to a blower. The TriVac doesn't have any separate parts to worry about. A blower nozzle is situated right underneath its vacuum tube. Move the lever. It changes from a mulching vacuum to a blower and back again.


  • Packs plenty of chopped leaves in the bag and the bag detaches and attaches very easily
  • Mulches at the same time it vacuums
  • Wet leaves mulch quickly
  • Easy to flip the switch to vacuum to get into tight spaces, in between hedges, and underneath rose bushes without blowing the leaves everywhere
  • Blower is powerful, and the suction mechanism also works well


  • Vacuum attachment frequently gets stuck - sand, dirt, and debris can get into the inside of attachment, making it hard to slide it off or on the tube
  • Upward angled nozzle sucks up debris directly in front, and not underneath it
  • A bit heavier than other vac/blower combinations (8.6 pounds)


  • Blower, yard vacuum, and mulcher all-in-one, and features a flip-of-a-switch conversion
  • Sturdy 12 amp motor makes this product an efficient, clean, odor-free alternative to gasoline-powered rivals
  • Has an adjustable blower air speed. The top speed of 210 MPH can handle the toughest debris, leaves, mulch, gravel, and small branches. Lowers the airflow when needed
  • Single handed operation in vacuum and blower modes
  • Angled nose quickly clears debris from under furniture, cars, and equipment in garages and yards
  • Lightweight and compact for comfortable handling
  • Metal impeller (the fan-shaped part that chops up the leaves as you vacuum them) has a 10 to 1 mulch ratio (a 10-gallon collector bag can hold up to 100-gallons of leaves). Works better than other nylon or plastic impellers
  • Debris collector bag (constructed of a breathable nylon fabric) has reinforced straps and slings over your shoulder. The bag holds approximately 1.5 bushels and has a quick-connect coupler and bottom zipper that allow it to empty rapidly
  • Has a mulch ratio of 18 to 1
  • Carries a full 2-year warranty


The WORX TRIVAC 12 Amp Yard-in-One Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum with 210 MPH / 350 CFM Output is extremely versatile. All you need to do is flip the switch to change jobs. There are no tubes that need switching out between tasks, debris can be blown away at 210 MPH, and you can vacuum up to 14 gallons of dry leaves each minute.

This WG505 has an improved metal impeller blade which manages solid debris materials better and has a mulch ratio of 16:1.

The Worx Trivac's electric motor packs a powerful punch! Use it as a blower and its air-speed of 210 MPH can quickly clear away heavy debris and wet leaves. Its adjustable air regulator lets you reduce the air flow when operated near delicate plants. Used in vacuum mode, this machine turns mountains of dry leaves quickly into mulch. The mulch created is ideal to use as ground cover or compost.

Cleaning the Work Trivac is easy. Simply push the button which opens impeller housing to free clogs. Just remember to unplug the TriVac before cleaning it.


Sixty-seven percent of online reviewers were very happy with this product and would purchase another one in the future. They found it powerful, and quieter than other blower/mulchers they've used in the past. Approximately 14% were moderately satisfied with the Worx Trivac. Nineteen percent had serious issues with this product, and regret purchasing it. They felt that the bag accompanying it was poorly designed, and they didn't like having to get really close to the ground to suck up the leaves.

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