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WORX Aerocart Review

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Although the label was only established in 2004, the Worx brand has quickly become synonymous with quality and longevity. Worx manufactures a wide range of outdoor power equipment and other related equipment, like chainsaws, trimmers, and lawn mowers.

The most recent addition to their product lineup is the Worx Aerocart. It is described as an “all-purpose, 8 in 1 mover, carrier, and lifter” that will assist in lightening each and every load. It converts from a wheelbarrow to a garden cart to a hand truck with a minimal amount of effort. In both professional and consumer executed tests, the Aerocart has met most, if not all, of the manufacturer’s claims. 

Because it has two wheels, it offers one extremely important advantage over wheelbarrows: there is no risk that it will tip over when carrying a heavy load. The pneumatic tires are wide and large enough to remain stable even when it is being used on grass, light mud, or other soft surfaces. Because the tires are non-inflatable, it eliminates the possibility that they will go flat in between uses. 

Read on to find out more about what the Worx Aerocart has to offer!


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    The Aerocart offers a comprehensive work system that will instantly convert to the desired application.
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    Application conversion is tool-free.
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    The oversized, pneumatic tires will never need inflating.
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    The patented design automatically adjusts to accommodate for the load’s center of gravity, which makes loads easier to balance and carry.
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    All steel construction increases the longevity and durability of the Aerocart.


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    Users have complained about the quality of Worx’s customer service.
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    It would be nice if the Worx Aerocart had a larger load capacity.


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    The Aerocart’s frame is made from solid steel.
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    It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
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    The ergonomic lift design makes the wheelbarrow feel much lighter than it actually is.
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    A fold-out extension arm can be used to carry small trees, flower pots, mulch bags, and other items.
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    The Aerocart can be used as a flower pot mover, a dolly, cylinder carrier, bag holder, and trailer mover.
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    Accessories included in the purchase of the Aerocart are a cylinder holder, a flower pot strap, bag holder, and mesh rock mover.
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    Load free, the Aerocart weighs only 49 pounds – making it easily maneuverable for most people.


Because of its multifunctional use, the Worx Aerocart is an ideal tool for any gardening enthusiast to have in their garage or tool shed. The frame of the Aerocart is crafted from powder-coated steel, which significantly increases its durability. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and a volume capacity of approximately three cubic feet. One of the handiest features of this model is the fact that it has two dolly arms.

The first dolly arm has a depth of five inches, and it has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. The extended dolly measures a generous 24 inches, but its max weight capacity is only 80 pounds.

For most users, it has taken an average of 10 to 15 minutes to put the Aerocart together after taking it out of the box. The ease of assembly is something that has been much appreciated by users. The Aerocart comes with well-designed, straightforward pictorial assembly guide. Other accessories included in the purchase of the Aerocart include a bag holder, a barrel stabilizer, the dolly extension, and the dolly platform.

As aforementioned, the Aerocart’s unique two-wheel design offers a definitive mechanical advantage over traditional wheelbarrows. It can easily be used in sand, grass, and other soft surfaces without having to worry about it sinking into the ground. Because the tires are pneumatic, there is no need to reinflate them continually – nor worry about them deflating between uses.

The primary downside of the Aerocart, when compared to a wheelbarrow, is that it has roughly half of the carrying capacity. Similarly, the elongated length of the Aerocart makes it occasionally difficult to maneuver around tight corners. 

Many reviewers have appreciated the bright orange color of the Aerocart for the additional visibility it provides. Not only does it make it simple to find the wheelbarrow in the yard, but it also provides increased visibility to others while the user is working. Likewise, users have also praised the near vertical upright positioning of the Aerocart. This significantly reduces the amount of space it requires during storage, and upright, this yard tool measures only 58 inches tall with a 22-inch girth. Because this tool is designed to take the place of multiple different yard tools, there will be, in theory, fewer items that need to be stored in your garage.

The Aerocart does not require any specific maintenance per se; however, almost all users recommend storing it in a shed or garage. Roughly a quarter of those who stored the Aerocart outdoors saw its components begin to rust within three to six months. Although Worx uses a powder coated steel in its construction that is designed to inhibit rust, the material’s effectiveness at doing so may be compromised by repeated exposure to the elements.

The Worx Aerocart is covered by a three year, limited warranty from the manufacturer and a 90-day money back guarantee. 

Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires - WG050
1,522 Reviews
Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires - WG050
  • Highly versatile lifting and moving work system device instantly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly...
  • Oversized, flat-free tires never need inflating
  • Patented design adjusts center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Converts tool-free to work as an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder and...


Overall, the Worx Aerocart has enjoyed largely positive reviews from buyers. It successfully performs most of the tasks it advertises; however, some reviewers questioned the high price tag. The Aerocart is ideal for individuals who cannot easily maneuver a full-sized traditional wheelbarrow, and its small size is conducive to maneuverability in tight confines and to storage. However, its limited load capacity may not suffice for serious gardeners.

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