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Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter Review

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People around the world use worms to recycle kitchen scraps, cardboard, other organic material, and paper waste, into soil rich in nutrients for their plants. Worms eat table scraps, which turn into compost after they go through the tail end of the worm. This compost (or vermicompost) is very useful for growing plants.

Worms have been breaking down materials and returning the nutrients to the soil for eons. By using a worm composter, you are replicating the role of the worms in nature. It's recommended that you should use primarily vegetable scraps and raw fruit, and avoid using meats, dairy products, and oils, which might attract pests because they take a longer time to break down. Some composters stay clear of citrus fruits and orange rinds, which are acidic and may attract fruit flies. Other composters stay clear of strong smelling broccoli and onions, but these are personal preferences.

People in the US discard more than 35 million tons of wasted food into landfills every year. Conventional backyard composting can take about two years and must be rotated at regular intervals. Using a worm compactor to break down waste is easier to manage, and much more efficient than a traditional compost pile. If you create a nurturing environment and take good care of the worms, they'll toil without stopping to eat all the 'garbage' provided to them and produce excellent compost.


  • Like the coconut coir which is part of the base bedding
  • Thermometer is very handy
  • No fruit flies attracted and no rotting food smell


  • Put worm factory in direct sunlight, and many worms died
  • Worms stayed in bottom tray instead of migrating upwards
  • Didn't look like advertised picture and various parts were missing


  • Regular four-tray size that can expand to eight trays, making this the largest worm composter available
  • Convertible redesigned quick tips lid becomes a useful tray stand when harvesting compost
  • Accessory kit which contains essential tools (mineral rock dust, pumice, scraper, hand rake, and thermometer) for managing Worm Factory 360
  • Includes bedding materials, instructional manual, DVD, and warranty
  • Thermo-siphon air-flow design increases composting speed
  • Available in black, terracotta, and green


The Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter houses thousands of worms in a very compact space. These worms work 24/7/365 to produce rich, highly beneficial compost that's packed with water-soluble plant nutrients and microbes. The end result is a valuable product that contains 10 times as much nutrients as traditional backyard composting. The more organic nutrients your plants receive, the bigger they'll grow, and the better your harvest will be.

Managing your Worm Composter 360 takes up about 10-15 minutes per week. A DVD and instruction guide are included to give you detailed advice on the best management techniques for your Worm Factory. Use bedding material and the bottom tray to get started. Begin by filling the bottom tray with your household waste. Add 1 pound of composting worms to the tray. Worms will start to work immediately to recycle and process your kitchen waste into compost. Once the first bin's full, stack tray number 2 on top. Every tray features a grid bottom, and worms will migrate upwards whenever additional food is added. Moisture filters throughout the system once the waste breaks down. Once this happens, you can harvest fresh organic liquid fertilizer directly from the spigot.

Add vegetables, fruits, grains, paper, leaves, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. to your Worm Factory 360. Avoid adding citrus items, meat, and dairy products. Worms thrive on 50% paper and fiber, and 50% food scraps. Worms eat approximately 1/2 of their weight every day. You can feed worms 1 handful of food a day, or 1 handful every week. Worms will survive for several weeks without adding additional food. Simply feed them a greater amount if you're leaving for a long vacation.

This indoor or outdoor Worm Factory is odorless when managed correctly. Keep bedding temperature between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Worm Factory 360 is very popular with online reviewers. Fully 87% loved this product and found it to work exactly as described. Seven percent of reviewers experienced some issues with its performance, and how it arrived without many of the advertised features. For example, the thermometer was not included in many shipments. Instead, a coupon was added which instructed buyers to purchase the thermometer for an additional $13. Six percent of online reviewers were very dissatisfied with this product. They found themselves having to cut their scraps into very tiny pieces so that worms could eat it faster. Many users fought against large amounts of fruit flies being attracted to the composter. Still, others found mold growing in their compost, and several reviewers mentioned that the worms escaped into their house through holes in the bottom tray.

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Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter
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