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​True Commercial Pyramid Style Patio Heater Review

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The True Commercial 3-sided Pyramid Style Quartz Tube Patio Heater with Wheels is a quality patio heater manufactured by the respected AZ Patio Heaters.

The company prides itself on offering a top-quality, reliable product.  Customers are provided with access to live customer service seven days a week. The True Commercial Patio Heater is a beautiful example of one of their many top-of-the-line patio heaters.

If you are trying to decide if you want to purchase a commercial patio heater, then you will want to take the time to research the various products. The decision should not be taken lightly and is probably more complicated than you anticipated.

There are several factors to take into consideration before making your choice on the best patio heater for you. You will need to gather as much information as possible about the product before making the purchase.


  • Rapid spark electronic ignition makes turning on the patio heater a breeze.
  • Anti-tilt shut off system for added safety
  • One-piece quartz tube which reduces the likelihood of breaking
  • Anti-rust aluminum frame that stands up to the elements


  • Does not generate a sufficient amount of heat at lower levels


  • Designed with an extra-wide base and extra thick support legs for added stability.
  • Has reflective chrome supports to deflect light for a more stunning appearance.
  • An internal electric igniter
  • CSA approved regulator
  • Four solid built-on wheels make moving this unit a breeze.
  • Offers 41,000 BTU of heat


The True Commercial 3-Sided Pyramid Style Quartz Tube Patio Heater is an eye-catching unit that is going to draw the admiration of your guests. Its modern, aluminum construction means that this patio heater will stand up to the elements year-after-year without rusting.

The patio heater is easy to ignite with just a push of a button. You can easily control its heat output with the turn of a knob. The four large wheels and extra broad base make moving this patio heater across a deck or patio easy.

If the heater should tip over, it has a built-in anti-tilt shut off switch that automatically turns the unit off any time that it tilts.

Unlike many other patio heaters, the True Commercial boasts a singular one piece, extra-thick tube that is heavy duty.

If you are looking for a year-round outdoor heater that looks impressive and functions well then look no further than this may be the unit for you.

 You can easily control the heat output of the heater with the knob so you can keep the area around the unit toasty warm no matter what season. The heater weighs a lightweight 41 pounds to make maneuverability easy.

Other Highlights of This Heater Include:

  • Reduced assembly time required because the base arrives already fully assembled. 
  • Stands an impressive 94" tall
  • Built like a pyramid with three sides which gives it very modern appearance.
  • Uses a standard 20 lb propane tank (not included)
  • Multi-Spark Electronic-Ignition System that easily ignites the unit
  • User-friendly tank access door at the base of the heater to change out the tank
  • A tensioned burner plate
  • It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to assemble 

There are only two significant downsides to this heater.

The printed assembly directions are often hard to understand when putting the entire unit together.

The biggest complaint often made about this heater is the fact that it offers no significant heat down low so that people sitting beside the heater or at a table often feel cold because all of the heat is coming out the top of the heater. 


There are numerous positives to consider when thinking about purchasing the True Commercial Pyramid  Patio Heater.

As a product of AZ Patio Heaters you can buy with confidence knowing that you can reach live customer service seven days per week. Undoubtedly, the impressive 41,000 BTU heat output coupled with the modern, eye-catching design of the heater will probably be a deciding factor in making your choice.

If you are seeking to add a patio heater to your backyard living space then you should add this model to your short list. It will probably end up being the focal point of your outdoor entertaining.

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