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Ryegrass offers a number of benefits. Not only is it attractive, but it also serves as an excellent cover crop for those who need temporary grass coverage. Ryegrass is valued for the fact that it is drought resistant, and it offers invaluable erosion control. Because it is abundant in nitrogen, it can save homeowners the cost of buying and sowing nitrogen infused fertilizer by serving as a substitute. Because it has aggressive growing patterns, ryegrass is adept at choking out weeds and other undesirable plants.

It is for these reasons, among others, that TriPro recently introduced their TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed. Because this is annual ryegrass, it only provides a single season of growth, but for most applications, this will suffice. This grass seed mixture was formulated specifically for easy application. It will not clump or clog, and it can be spread with almost any type of spreader, including handheld spreaders and ATV or UTV mounted spreaders. Once the grass seed has matured and established itself, it creates a soft, thick carpet of dark green grass. In late fall, the grass will begin to turn a light brown color as it starts to die off.


  • Many reviewers have stated that the grass seed grows well on unprepared lawns.
  • A single, 50lb bag will cover approximately 5,000 square feet of lawn.
  • It has an affordable price point.


  • TriPro does not provide planting instructions for the grass seed.
  • The plastic bag that the seed is shipped in is cheap and may tear, which will cause the seed to leak during transport.


  • It is designed for temporary and seasonal lawns.
  • The seeds will (typically) begin to germinate in 5 to 7 days.
  • This ryegrass seed strain grows well in both sun and shade.
  • The seeds are grown and harvested in the United States.


Overall, TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed has enjoyed solid reviews from users on Amazon. At the time of this writing, 69% of reviewers had given it a five-star rating, while another 10% had given it four stars.

What initially attracted buyers to this grass seed is its affordable price point. Currently, the TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed costs $68.83 (subject to change) for a 50lb bag of seed. According to the manufacturer, a 50lb bag of seed will cover approximately 5,000 square feet of land; however, many users have noted that they have achieved adequate coverage using only half of this amount. Annual ryegrass will grow well in either sun or shade.

The two primary complaints users have had against this grass seed have had to do with TriPro’s shipping methods and their lack of planting instructions. Most users received the seed in a white, allegedly heavy duty plastic bag. A small percentage of these buyers had the bag arrive with rips and tears, which caused the seed to leak during transport. A greater number were displeased that TriPro did not provide ground preparation and planting instructions, and outside resources had to be consulted to figure out how to do it.

TriPro states that this ryegrass seed mixture will begin to germinate and grow within 5 to 7 days, which most reviewers agree with. The mixture has been praised for its hardiness and ability to grow on unprepared soil. As a general rule, fertilizer should not be used when planting this grass seed, as it can cause the young grass to burn and die.

Because it is a cool weather grass, TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed should be planted in early to mid-fall after the hottest months of summer have passed. Although it is drought resistant and will grow in full sun, it does not withstand high levels of heat well. It takes roughly 30 days for the grass seed to mature. Once mature, it will reach an average height of 3.5 to 4 inches. It can be mowed after it reaches a minimum of 3 inches, but should not be mowed lower than 2.5 inches – as this can interfere with its ability to grow.

TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed, 50-Pound
60 Reviews
TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed, 50-Pound
  • Best For Temporary, Seasonal Lawn
  • Fast Seed Germination and Turf Establishment
  • Good For Over seeding
  • Great For Sun Or Shade

Before buying, users should know that ryegrass’s aggressive growth patterns have caused it to be classified as an invasive species in some communities. For this reason, users will need to be careful not to spread seed on any hardscapes or flower beds where they do not want it to grow.


If you are looking for temporary lawn or field coverage, then TriPro Annual Ryegrass Seed will be an excellent investment. With an affordable price point and solid reviews, it will provide a green, beautiful lawn during the cool months of winter. Since it requires a minimum amount of maintenance, this is one type of seed you can plant and forget.

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