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​Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac Review

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The Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac is a product built by Toro, one of the nation’s leading lawn equipment companies.

If you have decided to purchase a leaf blower to add to your landscape arsenal, then you are encouraged to take your time and research the various models, read product reviews and find the right leaf blower vac for you!

As with all purchasing decisions you should collect all of the information that you can about the leaf blowers that interest you.

It is also beneficial to make a list of the critical criteria that is important to you in a blower. Once you know the features that you want and need, then you will be able to compare the various models and brands to determine the one that best fits your requirements.

Hopefully this product review will help guide you through the decision making process.


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    A mighty 230-mph maximum air stream to rapidly clear away leaves, needles, twigs, and stuck-on debris.
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    3-machines-in-1; a powerful blower, a high-speed vacuum, and a leaf shredder so there is no need to purchase individual landscape tools when one completes the job of 3.
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    Features a secure, quick release latch for rapid and smooth conversion. No tools are required to switch between blower, vacuum, or mulcher.


  • Some users have reported that the cord and blower plug can malfunction.
  • Use restricted to length of extension cord.


  • 222 mph hurricane-force airspeed to pull up even stuck on leaves and debris from a surface.
  • Leaf reduction bag ratio of 10:1 so you won’t be overusing bags and creating a huge mess. The robust leaf shredding capabilities of the machine saves on valuable garbage and recycles bin space.
  • Converts quickly from blower to vacuum to mulcher. No need for complicated tools or to have to take time out of your job to switch between the tools.
  • Two-speed motor that is simple to operate and puts out an impressive 7 amps.


One of the best features on the Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac is its ability to convert from blower to vacuum to leaf shredder quickly.


With a vacuum, you won’t be breaking your back bending over and bagging the pile of leaves. Instead, you can convert the blower to a vacuum to effortlessly suck up the leaves, twigs, and debris.


The machine’s leaf mulcher then effortlessly shreds the leaves, needles, and debris into tiny pieces, so ten bags of full-sized leaves are easily converted into a single bag full of mulch. This saves on valuable space when placing the bags out for recycle or garbage collection.


The two-speed motor allows you to you slow down the engine if you do not require excessive power or ramp it up for maximum airspeed to blow or suction up wet, clinging leaves and twigs. This helps you better control the leaves being blown and also finish the job effortlessly.

Most people appreciate the ability to control the tool’s power output.

Additional Tube Connects

The Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac features various tube connects which let you blow or suck up particles from between crevices or other hard to reach areas such as between stepping stones, curb cracks, deck slats, or gutters.

Another appreciated feature is the blower’s ability to blow and suction even wet debris after a rainstorm or the spring thaw.

Now there is no reason to have to wait for things dry out before cleaning up your outdoor living space. The specialized connection has been designed to suction up soggy leaves effortlessly and wet stuck on debris from the pavement, sidewalks, decks, and other surfaces.

Other highlights of this leaf blower:

  • The blower weighs only a little over 7 pounds. It's lightweight construction is beneficial because it makes it exceptionally portable and easy to handle.
  • The electric motor is quiet and far less messy than a gas powered engine.
  • Has a quick release latch that makes tool conversion a breeze.
  • The manufacturer states that 81% of the vacuumed up debris is effectively mulched into less than ½ in size.
  • Comes with a handy reusable storage bag.
  • The item measures a handy 9 x 9 x 14 inches.


Care should always be taken when operating this blower because it does rely on an electrical cord for operation.

You will need to keep the electrical cable out of danger and not inadvertently suck it up or shred it. Unfortunately, the electrical cord plugs are located in the front of the unit which some users consider a drawback due to the less than ideal placement which puts the cable at risk of being suctioned into the machine.

Because some buyers have reported that the cord and blower prongs may smoke, users should always watch closely while using the tool for possible malfunction. If the unit should smoke, immediately turn it off and discontinue use until you have the blower checked out by a certified Toro service center.

Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac, 225 mph
514 Reviews
Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac, 225 mph
  • 3 machines in one; powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder
  • Up to 225 mph air speed
  • Up to 81% of mulched debris reduced to less than 1/2-inch
  • Quick-Release latch for easy, no tools conversion. Leaf Shredding Reduction - 10:01


Undoubtedly, the lightweight and multiple 3-in-1 functions of the Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac will be readily appreciated by any user.

Also, the various attachments make the benefits of the unit even more ideal.

Toro has been providing quality tools for decades, so consumers can rest assured they are dealing with a professional company that is known for superior customer service and durable craftsmanship.

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