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Top Choice Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture Review

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There are numerous fungal lawn diseases that can prevent homeowners in the Pacific Northwest from growing grass on their lawns. The most common of these diseases are Red Thread and Fusarium patches. These diseases can cause your lawn to have a ragged appearance and prevent grass from effectively growing and deriving the nutrients it needs from the soil. Moss infestation is another common problem in this region.

To address these problems, Top Choice has recently introduced the Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture. This seed mixture was designed specifically for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest; however, it will work effectively almost anywhere in the United States. This mixture is comprised of:

  • 34% Stellar GL Perennial Ryegrass
  • 33% Apple GL Perennial Ryegrass
  • 33% Homerun Perennial Ryegrass
  • 1% Other Inert Materials

Perennial Ryegrass and Fescue are the recommended grass seed for the PNW because they are naturally resistant to both Red Thread and Fusarium patches.

Each bag of Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture is assembled in the United States, which allows Top Choice to maintain a tight grip on quality control. The brand guarantees that each bag of their grass seed will be 99.9% free of weeds.


  • Each bag of this grass seed mixture is subjected to rigorous inspection standards.
  • Its blend of three species of ryegrass is specifically formulated for use in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Top Choice offers a moneyback guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their product.


  • A few customers had experienced weed growth after laying down this seed.


The Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture has performed solidly in both professional and consumer written reviews. At the time of this writing, 82% of reviewers on Amazon had given it a four star (or higher) rating. To see such favorable reviews for a grass seed is a rarity, given the number of variations in soil there are across the country.

Each of the grass seeds included in this mixture are subjected to rigorous inspection standards by Top Choice and this is what enables them to bring their clients 99.99% weed free grass seed. The brand offers a money back guarantee if clients are unsatisfied with the results they see from their grass seed. Reviewers have praised the brand for their simple to follow instructions, the durability of the grass, and the ease with which it grows.

Perennial ryegrass is a hardy and steady grass that germinates quickly. On average, it takes 5 to 7 days to sprout. The seeds used in this mixture produce a fine bladed, dark green grass that is similar in appearance to Kentucky grass, and it has a long lifespan. However, the primary downside to using this grass is that it is primarily a cool weather grass, and users have had difficulty getting it to grow in areas outside of the northern third of the United States. It is not drought and heat tolerant, and struggles to survive in hot climates.

Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture, 10-Pound
15 Reviews
Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture, 10-Pound
  • Blend of three species
  • Subject to rigorous inspection standards
  • 99.9-percent weed free
  • Selected species for your region

The manufacturers chose this grass specifically because it grows well in the Pacific Northwest. As long as buyers are aware of what they are purchasing, it will work well for them. There have been a couple of complaints regarding weed growth from buyers, but these have been few and far in between.


Between the careful selection of ingredients and the care that has been put into its creation, the Top Choice 17625 3-Way Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture is one of the most popular grass seed mixtures on Amazon. Despite being formulated for growth in a specific climate, this product has proven itself to be quite popular and will provide homeowners with the lush green lawns they are looking for.

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Top Choice Perennial Ryegrass Grass Seed Mixture
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