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Tazz Chipper Shredders K32 Chipper Shredder Review

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If you have a large yard that always seems to be cluttered with fallen branches, twigs, leaves, and any other detritus, and you spend a lot of time bagging branches and leaves for roadside collection, perhaps it's time to think about getting a good chipper shredder. Some neighborhoods have regulations which prohibit brush and leaves from being taken to landfills, and this can make yard debris removal difficult. The beauty of a chipper shredder is that it will quickly reduce piles of leaves, twigs, and branches into attractive composting material and mulch.

Chipper shredders range from heavy-duty gas-powered machines that chop up several inch wide branches, to light-duty electrical devices. A chipper/shredder consists of a chute (which accepts branches destined for chipping), a rotating blade which chops branches into wood chips, and a shredder mechanism which handles the lighter debris like grass and leaves. When you feed material into the hopper, a set of hinged flails (also known as blades or hammers) shreds the material. Larger shredders handle small twigs with ease. Once the machine shreds or chips the debris, it discharges the processed material either into the collection bag or onto the ground.

Selecting a chipper shredder depends on the size of your yard, as well as the yard debris that you have. The larger your yard, and the heavier your debris, the more practical it is to buy a gasoline powered chipper/shredder. That way you won't be limited by the length of a cord. The Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder has a powerful 212cc engine, a 3-inch chipper ratio, and a reduction ratio of 20:1 (meaning that your machine is able to reduce 20 bags of debris down to just one bag of chipped, shredded, and mulched material).


  • Quickly generates an enormous amount of shredded compost material
  • Mulches small trees quickly
  • Perfect for chipping and mulching dogwood, oak, and cypress trees


  • The vacuum option could use more suction power
  • Discharge plug needs to be cleaned frequently


  • 212cc 4-cycle Viper engine that's robust enough to chip 3" diameter branches
  • Eleven-inch wheels that are guaranteed never to go flat
  • Rugged debris bag which features a Dock-and-Lock connector and a Bottom-Out zipper
  • Meets all ANSI B71.6 safety standards and includes a 5-year warranty
  • Has an optional vacuum kit which includes a largest-in-class rotor and an exclusive air gate
  • 8.00 feet/pounds of torque gets through three-inch diameter branches quickly


The Tazz Chipper Shredder K32 with 212cc Viper Engine creates 20% more vacuum compared to similar chipper shredders. This convenient chipper/shredder is 29.9" long by 25.4" wide, and takes up a small amount of room in a shed or garage. It's the perfect height (51" tall) for operation, so no material needs to be lifted over your head. and the right square shape for easy transport. It has an angled handlebar which places its center of gravity immediately above its wheels during transport for increased stability.

This Tazz's 212cc engine can power through three-inch diameter branches & masses of twigs and leaves. A rugged steel hopper efficiently feeds plant matter directly into the grinding chamber and stands up to all the bumps and bangs that accompany working with larger limbs. Inside the grinding chamber, 2 tri-hammers (which pulverize branches to mulch), 2 J-hammers (which cut all material quickly down to size), and 2 heavy duty knives reduce material quickly 20:1.

The Tazz chipper shredder includes a debris bag, which is said to be the easiest bag in the industry to use. The bag features rugged fabric carrying handles, a Bottom-Out zipper, and a Dock-&-Lock bag connector.

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Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder, 212cc, Red/Black
  • 212cc Viper engine with a 5-year warranty
  • Optional vacuum kit featuring a unique air gate and largest-in-class rotor, Tazz produces 20% more...
  • At a convenient 25.4" wide by 29.9" long, it takes up minimal room in your garage or shed.
  • Always-ready, 11" wheels will never go flat. ENGINE TORQUE : 8.86 FT-LB GROSS TORQUE

The first time starting the engine add fuel with stabilizer, turn the gas on, choke it, and give it one smooth pull. That's all it takes! Make sure to wear adequate eye and hearing protection, and you're ready to go!


Eighty-two percent of online reviewers were extremely happy with the performance of this chipper shredder. It started right up, performed for hours on end like a champ, and very efficiently tuned branches and leaves into beautiful mulch. Nine percent of online reviewers were moderately satisfied with this product and would purchase it again. They had the most problems with the bag, which they say fills up about 2/3 of the way, and then makes the chipper back up, and sends dust, chips, and debris flying everywhere. Only 9% of reviewers were highly dissatisfied with this product and would not purchase it again. They complained about the bag developing a large hole, the excessive vibration of the machine, and the machine becoming clogged.

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