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Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Pole Chain Saw Review

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There is nothing like an electric telescoping pole chainsaw to help you achieve that well-manicured garden and yard that you've always longed for. Unlike smoky, fume-filled, unpredictable gas-powered tools, an electric powered chainsaw will start reliably at the push of a button. Not only will a telescoping chainsaw help you to thin, prune, or completely remove trees that are up to 10" thick, it has the added bonus of using the saw for cutting up brush for burning or chipping once the limbs are cut.

An electric telescoping chainsaw can be used either vertically or horizontally and allows the user to trim those troublesome, hard-to-reach branches while keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground. There won't be any need to get out those heavy tools and that dilapidated old rickety ladder anymore!


  • Perfect for cutting thin logs and overhanging limbs
  • Useful for trimming prune palm trees as well as bushes
  • Adjustable pole is very handy and can be adjusted while using the saw
  • Operates flawlessly and maintains a light coating of oil on its chain


  • Some users had durability issues
  • Plastic gears don't hold up very well


  • 6.5 amp telescoping electric pole provides 15 feet of overhead reach by extending to 8.7 feet
  • Dynamic 6.5-amp motor can cut branches up to approximately 7.5 inches thick
  • Has an 8" Oregon cutting bar and chain featuring automatic lubrication with oil level gauge window
  • Rubber covered ergonomic handle
  • Has CSA product certification in addition to a full two-year warranty
  • Instant start


The Sun Joe SWJ800E 8" Electric Pole Chainsaw is the perfect tool for trimming overgrown trees and hard-to-reach branches. This chainsaw allows you to stand securely on solid ground while you adjust the telescoping pole for up to 15' of overhead reach. Powered by a vigorous 6.5-amp motor, this chainsaw handles the most tenacious tree limbs. The 8" Oregon bar-and-chain comes with an auto-oiler which keeps both the chain and bar thoroughly lubricated during usage. This chainsaw is powered electrically, so all you'll need to do is push a button to power up, and you'll never have to deal with fumes, smoke, expensive tune-ups, or unpredictable starters. Also, the Saw Joe comes with a safety switch that's built in and prevents accidental starting.

This product is very user-friendly. Changing the chain is very easy and takes about 5 minutes if you read the instruction manual first. A 5/32" chain sharpening file does the trick when needed, and standard 20 or 30 weight oil is fine. This electric pole chainsaw measures about 5 feet long in collapsed form and can extend approximately 24 inches more to reach those branches almost 14' from your standing position.

The Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Pole Chain Saw has an adjustable powerhead angle, that can stretch straight out about 30 degrees, and to any angle desired in between. With an adjustable angle, you'll be able to cut those hard-to-reach branches from top to bottom. This product is so powerful that it cuts through hard maple wood in the coldest Autumn weather. It's easy to use, provides accurate performance, is a great value, and is lightweight and easy to store. It's also easy to assemble, powerful, durable, and has a great design.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System
1,617 Reviews
Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System
  • Ideal for cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs. Product Weight-7 pounds
  • Telescoping pole extends to 8.7 ft to provide 15 ft of overhead reach. No Load Speed (rpm) 6000
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor cuts branches up to 7.5-inches thick
  • 8-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication. Oil tank capacity (fluid ounce): 2.7

Use the Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw whenever your yard needs a quick cleanup. It's a great tool to remove small trees or to make some firewood. Its easy chain adjustment system makes light work of keeping the chain nice, tight, and running right. The safety switch prevents accidental starting, and the ergonomic, adjustable handle keeps arms, shoulders, and hands from cramping or getting tired during use. This product weighs just 7 pounds, making it a snap to lift for those once-difficult overhead jobs.


Eighty-seven percent of online reviewers were very satisfied with this product and would purchase it again. Six percent of reviewers were moderately pleased with this product. They cited problems with oil caps not screwing on correctly, the blade becoming dull almost immediately, and a too heavy chainsaw head that causes shoulder, back, and arm muscle pain if you're working above your head. Fully 7% of online reviewers were very dissatisfied with this product, and would not recommend it. Problems cited includes the fact that it burns through oil very rapidly, the chain tensioner appears to be poorly designed, a short tripped its circuit breaker immediately upon plugging in, and it didn't have the power to cut a limb 1" in diameter.

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