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Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder Review

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Looking after your yard can be a lot of work. If you don't keep up with maintenance, the yard could resemble a jungle before too long! If your yard has a lot of shrubs and trees, you'll most probably need a chipper. You'll want to look for a chipper that can handle small to medium size branches whether they're dry or wet. Also, almost every yard can use a wood shredder. A good shredder will be able to shred most of the smaller branches in your yard. The difference between a chipper and a shredder is that a shredder will break those smaller branches down into mulch (and not wooden chips).

The Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper / Shredder uses electricity instead of gas. Electric chipper/shredders are more environmentally friendly. They don't have fumes, unlike gas models. Electric chippers are much quieter than gas models. Electric shredders are easier to maintain. They break down much less frequently than gas powered models. Electric models are cheaper, and also take up less space.

There are fewer disadvantages to using an electric chipper/shredder. First, electric models can only handle the smaller jobs, unlike a gas model that's able to deal with a larger amount of wood at one time. Second, you'll have a lot less mobility, since you'll need to be connected to a power source.


  • Works great for chipping smaller pine cones (adds an attractive red color to mulch)
  • Motor rotates fast, stays hand warm (so you won't accidentally burn yourself), and results in finer mulch
  • Excellent light weight chipper for the price
  • Good product for shredding cardboard for compost and bedding for worms


  • Protection circuit doesn't work when the machine is stuck
  • The newer models are made of cheaper metal
  • Time-consuming - branches must be carefully selected and prepared


  • Turns twigs and branches into a garden mulch loaded with nutrients
  • Solid design includes 6-inch wheels that furnish easy mobility - This machine weighs 25 pounds, so you'll appreciate not having to drag it around a large yard
  • Dynamic 14-amp motor shreds and chips branches up to 1 1/2 inches thick
  • Locking knob safety hopper stop prevents operation of the motor when opened
  • Convenient reset button in case chipper becomes overloaded
  • Has a reduction ratio of 16:1 (reduces yard debris to 1/16th of its original size
  • Made of lightweight, soft plastic
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) approved
  • Comes with a complete two-year warranty


The Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper / Shredder (also known as Chipper Joe) has a strong 14-amp motor which can generate speeds up to approximately 4,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Chipper Joe efficiently shreds and chips wooden limbs, sticks, leaves, and brush, rapidly changing yard debris into healthy garden mulch. The wood chips it produces are perfect garden mulch to us in your flower beds and around your trees.

Chipper Joe is powered by electricity, is perfectly designed for those light-duty jobs, and is totally maintenance free. No costly tune-ups, smoke, noxious fumes, or unpredictable starters with this piece of quality equipment. It assembles in a flash and is ready to go whenever you are - just plug it in and go.

This chipper will shred corn stalks if they're fed gradually into the hopper. It may clog if too many wet or green items are fed in at one time, but the clog will clear quickly by using a garden hose. Chipper Joe will chop branches, no matter how long they are. Just make sure that the branch diameter is 1 1/2" or less. The manufacturer carries cutting blade replacements if necessary. Changing blades is simple - just remove the two screws found on each blade. Instructions for blade changing are included.

Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder
1,150 Reviews
Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder
  • Ideal for turning branches and twigs into nutrient-rich garden mulch
  • Powerful 14 amp motor effectively chips and shreds branches up to 1.5-inches thick
  • Compact design with 6-inch wheels for easy portability
  • Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened

A word to the wise - well, a couple of words. First, human operators should wear gloves, earplugs, and safety glasses. Second, feed slowly, avoid Y's, use an up-and-down motion, and listen carefully to prevent jams. Third, long branches frequently whip around while they're being chipped, and they can scratch your face or hands. Splinters are also common.


About 67% of online reviewers are sold on the merits of the Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper / Shredder. They have used it successfully for branches up to 1 1/2" thick, berry bushes, pine cones, and even cardboard chipping and shredding. Nine percent of reviewers were moderately satisfied with this product. They found that the blades dulled too quickly, and it was noisier than advertised, but all in all, it was a great product. Twenty-four percent of reviewers were very dissatisfied with this product.

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