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Spyker P40-5020 Pro Series Broadcast Spreader Review

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A broadcast spreader is a timesaver and a valuable piece of equipment.

However, it's very important to operate a spreader safely. An operator should practice walking at a constant speed while opening and closing the machine's rate gates at the right times. Learn to use the dial setting information to avoid any double overlaps or gaps while spreading. Only employ a rotary agitator when needed - lump-free and free-flowing material won't need an agitator.

Read all instructions before loading any chemicals into the hopper. Be aware of wind drift and careless spreading. Keep the impeller level and spinner blade clean, and don't overload the spreader.


  • Has a one-year limited warranty for defective parts - Pinion and bevel and metal gear systems are guaranteed for the life of broadcast spreader
  • Big pneumatic tires provide nice handling and balance
  • Great features for an inexpensive price, and extremely easy to use.


  • It's difficult to force the spreader plate onto spindle
  • Plastic spreader tray did not snap easily onto shaft


  • 7/8 inch powder coated or stainless steel frame
  • Dual painted handle
  • Enclosed metal gear system comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Accuway even-spread pattern adjustment - Eliminates skewing and gives a bull's eye balance spread pattern
  • Cover is included - Screen deflection accessories are available
  • Fifty-pound capacity walk-behind spreader with poly hopper
  • Spyker dial - This dial has 90 settings so operator can calculate the spreading material accurately, in particular fertilizer, seed, sand, or ice melt
  • Large pneumatic tires (13" x 5")


The Spyker P40-5020 Pro Series 50 Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader weighs 41 pounds, and its dimensions are 23" x 29" x 30". The Spyker brand is created and distributed by Brinly-Hardy, an Indiana-based company that has been manufacturing lawn, farm, and garden equipment for over 175 years. Its 50-pound capacity spreader is a medium format push spreader. This item is a perfect blend of commercial-grade and lightweight construction. It has a Pro-series frame which can withstand substantial use, season after season.

The P40-5020 is famous for its even spread pattern on moderately-sized commercial lawns. The Accuway pattern adjustment is useful for preventing turf striping and overspreading. A consistent, proper material distribution allows the operator to enhance their performance and eliminate waste with each application. The Pro-series gears are commercial duty and industry-leading and come with a lifetime guarantee.

This broadcast spreader is a favorite of snow removal and lawn maintenance professions who find it lightweight and very easy to move from one property to another. This item has a 50 pound (23 kg) polypropylene hopper capacity, a spread width between 4 feet to 12 feet (1219 - 3658 mm), and is meant to spread fertilizer, seed, sand, or ice-melt. (Mulch can be spread only if it is a small size, dry, and flowable (of the same consistency of fertilizers).

Available accessories include a side deflector, which prevents overspreading on planting beds and walkways, a full deflector, which is useful for directing salt spread or ice melt downwards, and a hopper cover, which eliminates waste and helps to prevent spills. Spyker only manufactures top quality spreaders that are professional and ready to be put to work. The lifetime warranty on gear systems proves that Spyker (which was founded in 1868) is carrying on a true tradition of excellence.


Sixty-seven percent of online reviewers were highly satisfied with this product and would recommend its purchase. They cited the extremely clear instructions, including the granule chart. Thirty-three percent of reviewers were moderately satisfied with this item.

One reviewer stated that he felt that this product did not operate well for the price, and recommended purchasing the larger spreader Stryker manufactures for $500.

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