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SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N DLX Trail Sprayer Review

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Are you exhausting yourself by constantly carrying and pumping an old handheld sprayer? Are you looking for a sprayer that works well for residential use, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Is it time to replace your old cracked and leaking sprayer? Although many lawn sprayers look similar, each one works differently, and each one has its own set of benefits. With a little amount of research, you can find the perfect sprayer for your needs, which will save you both time and money!

One of the most popular models currently on the market is the SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N DLX Trail Sprayer! Designed to treat large areas with unparalleled precision, this professional quality, solidly built SMV Industries model is guaranteed to get the job done – each and every time! At the time of this writing, over 90% of reviewers have given it a five-star rating. These reviews, coupled with SMV Industries’ excellent warranty, makes this sprayer a solid investment for any lawn care enthusiast.

Read on to find out more about what the DLX Trail Sprayer has to offer!


  • The entire unit sits on a powder coated steel frame, which makes it capable of easily handling regular use.
  • The owner’s manual and assembly instructions are thorough and easy to read.
  • SMV Industries customer service department is quick to respond to customer questions and complaints.


  • One reviewer had the unit’s pump fail after two uses.


  • Each model is manufactured and assembled in the United States.
  • The pump has a spray rate of two gallons per minute.
  • The yellow spray tank features handy gallon callouts.
  • The tank has a 25-gallon capacity.


The SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N DLX Trail Sprayer has fared well in both professional and consumer written reviews. This sprayer is designed to be towed behind an ATV or UTV. The unit is mounted on a powder coated steel frame, and the frame is equipped with two pneumatic tires. The wheel assembly has a ¾” assembly. The pump has a spray rate of two gallons per minute.

The yellow tank has a 25-gallon capacity and features useful gallon callouts. It is equipped with a deluxe hand wand and two nozzle boom. Other highlights of this model include generously proportioned 120” wire leads with a conveniently placed on/off switch, suction screens, and a well-written user’s manual. Manufactured in the United States, this model weighs a total of 65 pounds assembled, and its dimensions measure 45 x 18.2 x 20.5 inches.

The sprayer’s tank has been specially treated so that it may be used with many different types of products, including chemical fertilizers, weed killer, and salt water brine. Reviewers have used it in residential settings to lay down salt in the winter time to prevent ice from forming on sidewalks and driveways. Upon arrival, the SMV Industries DLX Trail Sprayer does require a small amount of assembly. The frame’s nuts and bolts will need to be tightened before it can be used. On average, this takes most users less than 30 minutes to do.

The pump operates off of a 12-volt direct current and has a 2 lead plug connector. An elongated power cable connects at one end to the plug connector, and it features color coded, alligator style clips on the other end to attach it to an ATV battery or another power source. One of the most praised features of this model’s design is the power cable’s on/off rocker switch, which is located midway down the power cable. The design has been praised for its ergonomics and ease of use.

With the tips pointed straight down, the boom’s spray width reaches an acceptable 7 feet. The boom does offer the option of attaching a third middle tip. The tips can then be rotated outward to reach a spray width of up to 10 feet. Each nozzle is set approximately 41 inches apart. The deluxe sprayer wand will provide a 25 to 30-foot stream.

SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N 25 Gallon DLX Trail Sprayer
49 Reviews
SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N 25 Gallon DLX Trail Sprayer
  • Easy installation
  • High quality product
  • Manufactured in United States

One reviewer from Amazon had an issue with this model’s pump failing after a couple of uses, but so far, it is the only negative complaint this model has received, and the reviewer did update his review to say that he was pleased with how SMV Industries stood behind their product and refunded his money promptly and without delay.


With overwhelmingly positive reviews and a manufacturer who proudly backs up their product, the SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N DLX Trail Sprayer offers a solid investment for any landowner with acreage. When compared to other models with similar features, its price point makes it an excellent value. If you’ve had any experience with this model, drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know how you like it!

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T G - July 7, 2017

“frame is equipped with six pneumatic tires”

Must be awfully heavy. 😉

    Mark Kelly - July 11, 2017

    Thanks, fixed the typo 🙂

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