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Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed Review

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Many of us appreciate the simple things - walking barefoot across a soft green lawn, playing frisbee, baseball, ANY sport, on a beautiful well-maintained turf. Think back even further. Remember the fun we used to have rolling down a hill of sweet smelling grass? Or playing with our dogs in the grass on sunny days? If you remember, then you'll want to pass on those simple pleasures to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

There is a fly in the ointment, however. Lawns that experience high traffic (and that includes heavy use from people and their pets taking shortcuts, ground squirrels, mice, and gophers burrowing through the place, kids running circles around a swing-set, or just kids opting to avoid the sidewalk) can cause damage that may eventually lead to brown spots, bald spots, and all the other eyesores of a declining lawn. But there is hope! You can replace that damaged area with grass that has been specially formulated for just these reasons - Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed.


  • This product turned a very large barren area in the yard into a lush green lawn
  • Grass stayed green throughout Winter
  • Keeps grass growing in spite of heavy dog traffic
  • Very possibly the best mixture of seeds that Scotts manufactures


  • Followed directions perfectly, replanted three times, and not a blade of grass came up
  • Seeds changed color from blue to gray, then just melted away
  • Sprouted sporadically and never managed to fill in targeted area


  • Guaranteed to grow greener, thicker, grass
  • Contains WaterSmart PLUS, an exclusive coating that absorbs twice as much water than seed that is uncoated, protects seedlings from diseases, and feeds to jump-start growth
  • Created especially for areas with heavy pet and kid traffic
  • Rejuvenates bare and thin areas damaged by heavy wear and tear
  • Indefinite shelf life (but there's a 5-7% reduction in seed germination every year)
  • Very successful mix of Bluegrasses and Perennial Ryegrass
  • A 7-pound bag will cover 3,500 square feet
  • Contains genetically improved, high-performance grass seed that claims to be 99.99% weed free
  • This mix contains Thermal-Blue Kentucky Bluegrass


Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed should be planted in Fall or early Spring. It's recommended planting temperatures is between 61 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and median germination time is between 6 and 10 days. This grass seed mix has a medium resistance to disease, insects, and drought. It has high foot traffic tolerance. The resulting cool season grass color is a dark blue-green. It's ideal for Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, and Pennsylvania lawns, and is not recommended for either the Southeast or the Southwest.

The advantages of the WaterSmart PLUS grass seed coating are numerous. This coating protects and feeds newly planted seed, and absorbs two times as much water as uncoated seed and retains it two times as long, which helps to prevent the grass seed from drying up. It contains essential nutrients ideal for jump-starting growth, which may result in thicker, greener, taller grass. WaterSmart PLUS also contains a fungicide which helps to protect seedlings against harmful diseases that occasionally attack newly planted grass.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed High Traffic Mix will start growing in 5 to 10 days, but it can take 30 to 60 days to become fully established, depending on the weather. It's important to water new grass daily so that the soil surface stays moist until seedlings reach a minimum of 2" tall. This cool-season grass prefers a planting time in early Fall when daytime temperatures range between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It prefers cooler nights, shorter days, and heavier dews. Seeding either two weeks before or two weeks after Labor Day will allow the new seedlings enough time for building strong roots before Wintertime. It's also possible to plant these cool-season grasses in the Springtime when there are heavier rainfall and moderate temperatures.

This product is affordable and has a great reputation for regrowing grass in high traffic areas, as well as in areas where dogs have urinated

A disclaimer: If you live in an area of drought, or a location experiencing harsh summer weather, then Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed might not be the best grass seed mix for you.


Scotts Turf Builder High Traffic Grass Seed performed very well for approximately 68% of reviewers online. This grass seed mix germinated quickly and produced dense, attractive dark green grass which was perfect for many types of high traffic areas. Seventeen percent of reviewers were somewhat satisfied, a portion of which tried to grow this cold weather grass in areas that were too hot. The remaining 20% of reviewers were very unhappy. They experienced poor germination or no germination at all after they followed all instructions perfectly. Most people in this group were able to take advantage of Scotts No Quibble guarantee.

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