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Scotts Turf Builder Heat Tolerant Bluegrass Seed Review

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Kentucky bluegrass isn't native to the US, or even to North America. Bluegrass can be found all over northern Asia, Europe, and in the mountains of Morocco and Algeria. It is assumed that early colonists brought over seed to this country, mixed with other grasses. Bluegrass grows well in all the humid, cool parts of the US. Lovers of this beautiful grass have developed more than 100 varieties of Bluegrass since the early 1990s. Some varieties tolerate closer mowing, some have developed moderate shade tolerance, and some, including Heat Tolerant Bluegrass, have been adapted to tolerate warmer southern climates.

Scotts recently introduced a brand new bluegrass and Fescue blend called Thermal Blue which combines the outstanding turf qualities of hybrid bluegrass with heat tolerant turf-type Tall Fescue. The mixture contains Thermal Blue Kentucky Bluegrass plus a blend of Dynamic II, Gazelle II, and Endeavor II Tall Fescue Turf Type. This new grass does extremely well in moderate Summer temperatures, and also demonstrates outstanding shade hardiness. Keep in mind, though, that this grass has been formulated to grow only within the normal bluegrass growing areas. It is resistant to diseases like brown patch and has remarkable wear tolerance because of its aggressive rhizome development.


  • Withstood a two-month southern drought
  • Filled in bare spots rapidly
  • Unlike other grasses, it didn't put down weed seed
  • Blue seed color helps to show where lawn is already seeded
  • Did well in both sunny and shady areas
  • Intense bright green color is phenomenal
  • Grass is so incredibly thick it is difficult to separate with fingers
  • People frequently confuse my yard as being a sodded lawn


  • No germination occurred in moist shaded area closest to house
  • Mix seemed to be mostly Tall Fescue and very little Bluegrass
  • Price was a bit steep and germination was poor
  • Only produced patches in my yard
  • Produced 90% weeds and about 10% grass


  • Excellent recoverability and rapid establishment
  • More disease resistant to brown patch in humid areas
  • Contains a unique patented super absorbent coating of WaterSmart PLUS which absorbs twice as much water as uncoated seeds, protects seedlings against many diseases, and feeds to jump-start growth
  • Recovers quickly from drought and heat, and spreads for wear and tear repair
  • Grows about 33% thicker than traditional Tall Fescue
  • Absorbs twice the amount of water that uncoated seeds do


Scotts Turf Builder Heat Tolerant Bluegrass Seed has undergone extensive testing and is said to excel in areas where Bluegrass traditionally did not perform well. This new mixture, containing Thermal Blue, produces the best turf quality and density of all tested cool season grasses. It has outperformed Tall Fescue, grows well in shade, and is more resistant to brown patch. It has proven time and time again that it can establish a thick root system, withstand disease and heat, and germinates easily. It has been called the perfect grass seed for full sun.

To plant Heat Tolerant Bluegrass Seed, first, rake yard area to loosen topsoil level and get rid of the dead grass. Add a light layer of Turf Builder Lawn soil before application of seed for best results. Second, apply seed using Scotts spreader. Gently rake seeds into the soil. Third, water. Daily watering is recommended to keep the soil surface moist until seedlings reach about 2 inches tall. Seed should start growing in 6 to 14 days. The final step is to mow seedlings when they're around 3 inches tall. Add Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass for best results. Don't apply weed control products until after a minimum of four mowings.

Plant this grass seed either in Spring or Fall. This seed germinates best between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect 6 to 30 days for germination. Seven pounds will cover 875 feet of new lawn coverage and approximately 1,750 square feet if you're reseeding.

It's important to remember that even superior grass seed won't germinate if its misapplied. If you have had problems with this mix, go to a hardware store and buy a soil test to figure out exactly what your yard is lacking, and then apply the right nutrients and starter fertilizer. Remember also to keep your soil moist by twice daily gentle watering.


Reviews of this product were mixed. Forty-five percent of reviewers found this to be a superlative grass seed that they would buy again. It provided them with beautiful thick green grass which was insect, heat and drought repellant. Twenty-four percent of reviewers were mildly satisfied with the product. The grass seed germinated, but they had problems with spotty areas in their yards. Unfortunately, 21% of reviewers were very dissatisfied with this product. Grass either didn't germinate at all, on only grew in a very limited area. They would not buy this product again. The Scott Company is very responsive to consumer complaints and will provide a No Quibble Guarantee to unsatisfied purchasers.

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