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Nobody likes spilling grass seed in the garage or alongside the driveway or sidewalk. The Scotts Snap Sun & Shade Grass Seed Mix makes seeding your lawn easier than ever. Everything comes with a snap, no heavy bags, no messy pouring nor guesswork. All you have to do is grab a Snac Pac, lock it in the spreader, and go. It locks directly into the spreader so you don’t need to cut, pour, and sweep up the mess. There are no complicated spreader settings because the spreader automatically sets the application rate for you. Scotts Snap comes with EdgeGuard innovation so product stays right where you want it. After using, just unlock the spreader. Snap Pac seals automatically for easy clean-up and storage.


  • Homeowners find the product very easy to use.
  • It allows you to spread the seeds in your lawn without messing up your paved areas.
  • Not only does it save time but keeps your sidewalk and driveway nice and clean.
  • It also works great in areas where there is not much sun and really won’t take long for grass to start sprouting.
  • You will be amazed at how grass spreads quickly and covers thin and bare spots.
  • Areas seeded can be reentered immediately but traffic should be minimized until the new lawn becomes fully established.


  • One customer has not grown any grass after using the Scotts Snap so he ended up with an unusable spreader in his garage.
  • Perhaps, it is safe to say that if you ever encounter problems in growing the seed, the only downside to it is that Snap Pac is the only product you can use in the Snap spreader system. This means you have no other use for the spreader anymore.
Scotts 13000 Snap Pac Sun and Shade Grass Seed (3 Pack)
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Scotts 13000 Snap Pac Sun and Shade Grass Seed (3 Pack)
  • Grows quicker, thicker, greener grass - guaranteed
  • Contains exclusive Water Smart PLUS coating to absorb twice the water of uncoated seed
  • Jump-starts seedlings and protects against disease
  • Stays green even under extreme conditions like dense shade or scorching sun


The Scotts Snap Pac is a great product for your lawn. The no mess, no guess spreader system innovation is very efficient because you simply snap, lock and get going. It self-seals upon removal so there is nothing left to clean up after you’re done. This saves you time and allows you to do other important things in your household. The Snap spreader folds down too giving you more storage space in your garage. Scotts Snap does not only give your lawn the seeding it needs but keeps your surrounding areas nice and clean as well.

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Scotts Snap Pac Sun & Shade Mix
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