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Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader Review

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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company was initially founded in 1868 by O.M. Scott, and the brand is now considered one of the most revered names in the lawn and garden market. The company maintains offices and research and development facilities on three continents. With nearly twenty different product lines for sale in the United States alone, the Scotts Company likes to think that they have something to offer for everyone, and they have one of the strongest, consumer based followings anywhere in the world.

One of the newest additions to the Scotts Company’s product line is the Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader. A spreader is an important part of any homeowner’s yard tool equipment. Without one, you run the risk of uneven distribution of pest control or fertilizer products that could potentially damage your yard, particularly when chemical products are being applied. This spreader is guaranteed to provide uniform coverage of granular products season after season and year after year. The Pro EdgeGuard is Scott’s largest available noncommercial spreader. I It can hold enough product to seed or fertilizer up 18,000 square feet of acreage.

Read on to find out more about what the Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader has to offer!


  • Because the gears are made of durable plastic, you never have to worry about them developing rust or corrosion.
  • The large rubber wheels of this spreader provide it with traction and stability.
  • The control panel allows the user to control the precision rate settings for more accurate coverage.


  • The plastic used in the construction of this spreader has a tendency to crack and break off.


  • This design of this spreader includes Scotts’ Exclusive Edge Guard Technology.
  • The control panel offers multiple rate settings for precise and accurate coverage.
  • The pneumatic tires are crafted from premium rubber, which makes pushing the spreader even easier.
  • This model arrives pre-calibrated and ready to use.
  • The Pro EdgeGuard can hold enough product to seed or treat up to 18,000 square feet of land.


The Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader is designed to spread product effectively and efficiently. It will arrive at your home pre-assembled and pre-calibrated, so you can begin to use it immediately. Its air filled tires are made from premium rubber, and they provide a smoother ride and better traction than those of their competitors.

Using this model is simple. Each Scotts product has a different rate control listed on the back of the bag. All the user has to do is check the setting on the product they want to distribute, turn the spreader’s rate control to the correct setting, and start walking. This model has a spread width of five feet, and a few feet should be allowed between passes to ensure uniform distribution. When the spreader’s patented EdgeGuard is engaged, it will block off the right side of the spreader pattern to prevent the product being deposited onto non-yard areas. Because the gears of this model are made from high quality plastic, you do not have to worry about them corroding or rusting.

Unfortunately, user reviews for the Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader have not been kind. At the time of this writing, only 53% of reviewers on Amazon had given this product a five star rating. Most of the problems have been attributed to the quality of the plastic used in the construction of this spreader. A significant number of users have had the plastic interior components simply fall apart or break off, while others have had material become trapped in the hopper’s adjustable slide.

Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader
294 Reviews
Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader
  • Features Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology
  • Control panel's precision rate settings deliver more accurate coverage
  • Holds up to 18,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn products
  • Calibrated and ready to use

It is worth noting that Scotts has responded to each and every unsatisfactory complaint on Amazon about this product and has invited dissatisfied users to contact their customer care department to address this issue; however, there are no reports on how these disputes have been resolved.


It appears that making the decision to purchase the Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader will be a bit of a gamble. Users are split down the middle on whether or not this model is worth the investment. However, Scotts does offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, and the product is more affordable than comparable spreaders from other brands, so it might be a chance worth taking.

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