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Scotts Turf Builder Centipede Grass Seed Review

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A healthy and thriving lawn is something most homeowners desire, but it is often difficult to achieve. Sun and shade conditions, soil type, and climate zone are just a few of the factors that must be considered when choosing the right grass seed for your yard, and this is only the first step. When you factor in soil preparation and maintenance needs, the process becomes even more labor intensive. It’s a small wonder that so many homeowners eventually throw their hands up and resign themselves to having a lackluster yard.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch is designed to remove the guesswork and hassle out of yardwork. Centipede grass is a warm season grass that has a coarse texture and a light to medium green color. Unmaintained, the grass will grow to a maximum height of 3 to 5 inches. It is a low maintenance grass and requires only occasional mowing. Centipede grass has a moderate shade tolerance and a limited traffic tolerance. Each bag of the Scotts Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch is guaranteed to be 99.9% free of weeds.


  • The Scotts Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch grows well in southern coastal climates, and it thrives in acidic and sandy soil.
  • The inclusion of the mulch eliminates the need to fertilize the grass seed again after sowing it.


  • Centipede grass is slow to germinate.
  • This type of grass has low drought tolerance, affecting how well it will grow in specific types of climates.


User reviews for Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch have not been kind. At the time of this writing, customer reviews on Amazon have rated this grass seed mixture poorly. The primary complaints against this grass seed mixture have been 1) it has poor drought tolerance, and 2) it failed to germinate.

Centipede grass has a shallow root system. This is what allows it to thrive in sandy and acidic soil. The downside to this is that it does not tolerate drought well. Scotts recommends watering this grass seed daily to ensure the soil remains moist until the new blades of grass reach two inches in height. Afterwards, the grass must be regularly visually monitored for signs of stress and watered as needed.

Similarly, centipede grass is a slowing growing grass. While other common types of grass seed, like fescue and ryegrass, will begin to germinate after 5 to 10 days, centipede grass seed requires an average of 10 to 28 days before it begins to sprout. It will often take between 30 and 60 days for the grass seed to mature and become established. The good news is that, with the right sun conditions, centipede grass grows aggressively enough to naturally choke out weeds.

In all fairness, there are many different factors that can affect how well grass seed grows, so the difficulties that users have experienced in growing this type of seed cannot be solely contributed to the quality of the seed provided by Scotts.

The ideal time to plant Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch is when the outdoor temperatures are between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. For most regions, the planting period will range from late spring through early summer. Centipede grass can survive mildly cold temperatures, but multiple hard freezes will cause the grass seed to become dormant. New grass seedlings can be mowed once they reach a height of 3 inches.

Although it can be finicky and requires specific conditions, centipede grass is a low maintenance grass, and it is ideal for homeowners who want to “hit it and quit it”. Aside from watering, it has low fertilization requirements. In fact, too much nitrogen in the soil can affect its ability to withstand cold and drought. It can withstand a fair amount of lawn traffic. A single 5lb bag of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch provides enough seed and mulch to cover approximately 2,000 square feet of lawn.


Under the right conditions, Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed – Centipede Grass Seed and Mulch offers an excellent first step to achieving the green, lush lawn you have always wanted. Homeowners in southern coastal climates know what a struggle it can be to grow healthy grass in sandy soil, and they will appreciate what this grass seed mixture has to offer.

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