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Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch Review

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Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch is an excellent combination of pre-mixed BIO-170 natural mulch and Zenith Zoysia grass seed. Zoysia is a self-spreading grass that is cold tolerant, grows well in full sun, and keeps its green color longer into the Autumn season. BIO-170 natural mulch permits more accurate application as well as improving spreadability. (Zoysia grass was developed in 1951 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Station located in Beltsville, Maryland).

The combination of these two ingredients creates sun-loving, easy spreading light blue-green grass which keeps its color well into Autumn in comparison with other Zoysia mixes. This weed-resistant turf has good drought and traffic tolerance is 99% weed-free and is Pencoted for the protection of seedlings (Penkoted seed technology was developed in the '60s to shield each seed in the ground plus support each seed's growth into a mature plant). In addition, natural mulch granules BIO-170 are 100% biodegradable, speeds up germination, retains moisture, and decomposes without causing any harm to the environment.

Pennington Zenith Zoysia Mulch has a recommended planting depth of 1/4 inch, and a germination period of 7 to 21 days. This product is perfect for Southeast and Southwest sun-drenched lawns. Planting dates recommended are Spring through Summer, and the best temperature for planting is between 71 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A bit of patience is required. You will find yourself with a smooth, very thick lawn if you give it a complete summer of fertilizer and water. This mixture resists insect infestation and disease and is recommended for overseeding any bare spots without causing damage to the existing turf.


  • Grew well after 12 days, and turned the lawn into Astroturf!
  • Grows in light shade exposure or full sun
  • Stays green longer into Autumn than other Zoysia varieties
  • Develops a dense, strong, weed-resistant turf
  • This product is 99% weed free
  • As this product spreads, it will choke out any emergent weeds


  • The 5 pound was 14.88% seed and the rest mulch, and only had a germination rate of 80%
  • Zoysia typically has a failure rate of 70% (which explains why most people with Zoysia grass use sod)
  • Grass turns brown during the Winter


  • This is a WARM season grass which grows best under light shade or in full sun
  • Spreads to fill thin lawn areas and bare spots
  • Heat and wear tolerant
  • Low maintenance, nutrition, and watering required
  • Forms a fine and dense textured lawn
  • Grows medium textured dark green turf that's perfect for commercial and residential landscapes, golf courses, and sports fields
  • Enhanced cold tolerance and keeps its green color further into Autumn
  • Disease and insect resistant
  • Maximum new coverage area is 500 square feet
  • Overseeding coverage area is 1,000 square feet
  • Bio-170 mulch granules are biodegradable and retain moisture for increased seed germination
  • Has a creeping growth pattern which will create a fine to medium textures grass that's very comfortable to walk over barefoot
  • Perfect for overseeding and repairing bare spots
  • Has high foot traffic tolerance
  • This grass spreads by above-ground stolons (creeping horizontal runners or stems that take up roots all along its length)


Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch is primarily used in warm weather zones for residential lawns. It can produce a vibrant low-maintenance lawn if time, patience, and planning are involved. It should be grown in the Spring and Summer months. This grass becomes dormant in Wintertime and can withstand some colder temperatures, but it will die in any regions that have periods of continuous snow cover in the Winter. Customers are advised to check with experts locally to make sure this grass can thrive in your region.

One to three pounds of this product is necessary for every 1,000 square feet. An acre (which is approximately 43,650 square feet) will take about 22 bags of this product. Customers will not be able to plant this product over existing lawns. It would be necessary to kill your current lawn completely, restore bare ground, then till the soil. Follow instructions on the bag label completely to plant Zenith Zoysia Grass seed.

Pennington Zenith Zoysia Mulch, 5 lb
70 Reviews
Pennington Zenith Zoysia Mulch, 5 lb
  • Pennington Zenith Zoysia With Mulch 5lb Combination seed and mulch
  • Spreads to fill in bare spots and thin areas
  • Improved cold tolerance and stays green longer into the fall season
  • Recommended Planting Dates : Spring through summer

This product is excellent for filling in thin areas and bare spots. Zoysia grass should be mowed about once every 7-14 days during low fertility and 1-2 times a week if it's been over fertilized. Compared to Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass needs 10 fewer mowing every season. Savings can add up in parks, high maintenance areas, and cemeteries if this product is grown.


The majority of reviewers who bought this product (about 70%) were highly dissatisfied, and would never buy this product again. A large percentage of buyers either ended up with a mixture of Zoysia, crabgrass, and weeds or the seeds didn't germinate at all. Twenty percent of buyers were extremely satisfied with this product, and about 10% were moderately satisfied.

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Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch
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