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Patriot Products CSV-3100B Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder Review

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People with large properties (up to 1 acre) containing lots of trees are always looking for the perfect wood chipper and leaf shredder to make their life easier. A leaf shredder wood chipper combination can help them make short work out of mulching very thick (3" diameter) branches, and shredding large quantities of plant material and leaves.

If you're looking for a chipper/shredder combination that has the most power and has received many awards, the Patriot CSV-3100B is the perfect machine for you!


  • Engine is bullet-proof and starts up cold with just one cord pull
  • Its' expensive cost is justified - It's very powerful, works well, and produces fabulous mulch
  • Works best on freshly cut stuff, and it even handled 16 feet pine branches with no problem
  • Easy, straightforward assembly and reliable start


  • This product weighs 180 pounds and can be difficult for smaller persons to move
  • Don't use this equipment with soaking wet leaves, since clogs will be frequent
  • More expensive than previous model
  • Mower hitch should be included for the price


  • Chips branches 3" in diameter or less with its 2 chipping knives that handle the branches, and its 6 solid steel Y hammers that shred and mince leaves and twigs to a twentieth of their original size
  • 2 steel cutters for completely balanced chipping
  • Great for corn stalks, green branches, sunflower stems, etc.
  • Side discharge lets you work all day at the same location without having to move the chipper
  • Contains the quiet 10 HP Vanguard Commercial Power-Engine by Briggs & Stratton (this product is 50-State compliant)
  • There's no slipping pulleys or belts to replace with the Patriot model CSV-3100B's patented direct-drive system
  • Wide 16" x 14" opening is perfect for loading lots of debris and leaves. Top opening is 7 inches in diameter for faster loading and less pruning
  • Has a tapered chipping cone and a heavy-duty rotor, featuring heat treated wear resistant chipping knives that can be resharpened
  • Twenty bushels of leaves can be reduced to one bushel rapidly and efficiently
  • This powerful machine is compact, taking up only as much space as one trash can
  • Easily removable flails and cutters make maintenance and sharpening a breeze
  • Operator-actuated throttle which lets user power down a unit while it's idling, saving gas in the process and allowing quieter operation
  • Collection bag is included for shredded and chipped waste (Use of collection bag is optional if you want to blow product directly onto the ground or into a mulch pile)


The Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper / Leaf Shredder is a serious piece of lawn equipment available at a very competitive price. This machine upgrades the former 10F-CSV. It's smooth but incredibly powerful Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle engine makes mountains of mulch out of branches up to 3 inches in diameter. Leaves and roughage can simply be dropped into the hopper for quick shredding. All power generated by this machine goes straight to shredding and chipping, and there's never a pulley or belt to replace, thanks to the patented direct drive system. Coin sized chips are consistently made by the Patriot chipper and spreader without having to change messy covers and screens. This chipper/shredder's large wheels facilitate moving all around your yard.

The Patriot Leaf Shredder and Chipper has a greasable outboard bearing that guarantees many trouble free years of chipping. It also has a unique overhead valve design that provides cleaner, cooler, more fuel-efficient operation. Its super-lo-tone muffler significantly reduces noise, and its low-oil-run sensor reduces any possibility of engine damage.

Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder
128 Reviews
Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder
  • The chipping power of the 10 hp Briggs engine coupled with Patriot's unique design will wow you.
  • Make short work of branches up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • Shredding leaves is a breeze with Patriot's swinging y-hammer system.
  • The side discharge allows you to work in the same location all day long without moving the chipper.

Consumers Digest magazine editors, Handyman Club of America, and National Home Gardening Club members have all given their top honors to this gas wood chipper and leaf shredder (it uses standard regular unleaded gas).


The Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10-HP Briggs and Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder is a clear favorite among online reviewers. Eighty-four percent of reviewers found this product to be exceptional and highly recommend its purchase. They validate the many outstanding reviews of this product found online, which state that this machine is very powerful, easy to start, produces a fine grind, and is made of quality materials in the US. Four percent of reviewers were generally satisfied with this product but had issues with the collection bag system (a poorly designed exhaust-chute cover), undersized assembly bolts and kickstand, and unwieldy hopper latches. Only 1% of reviewers had serious issues with this product, specifically blades that got dull after only 10 hours of use.

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