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Master Gardner Broadcast Spreader Review

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Spreading out seeds in a large garden can be very time-consuming. A great option for spreading seeds or fertilizer might be a broadcast spreader. Also known as a fertilizer spreader or a broadcast seeder, this machine can provide an efficient way to distribute seeds, fertilizer, other garden-related ingredients, and soil around your property. Which broadcast spreader is the best for you?

Consider your garden's size. Your broadcast spreader should be large enough to cover the space adequately. The larger your space, the more heavy-duty you'll want your spreader to be. Find out before purchasing the number of square meters that you'll need the broadcast spreader to cover. Now consider the shape of your garden. Is it square? Round? Oval? Some broadcast spreaders have features that make it more flexible than other spreaders, and easier to navigate turns and tricky corners in your garden. What type of terrain do you have? Is it wet or dry? Fertile or not so much? Your broadcast spreader will need to accommodate the special demands of your soil. How important is precision to you? Some broadcast spreaders may plant your seeds more uniformly.

Do you prefer plastic versus steel or metal? That preference will guide your decision on what type of bucket you want. Plastic is more durable, but it's probably not as precise as steel. Steel is sturdier and can be more precise than plastic when it makes a spread pattern, but it also tends to rust easily, which makes it less durable for the long haul. Finally, do you prefer a professional grade broadcast spreader or a homeowner-grade spreader? Professional grade spreaders are more appropriate for larger plots of land; they're good for a larger lawn that will need to have a variety of materials spread over it. Homeowner-grade spreaders are best for smaller plots of land, and will probably be used less frequently. If you don't plan to spread many different types of material, and you're on a budget, the homeowner grade spreader is a better and cheaper alternative.


  • Hopper has a very useful removable mesh screen
  • Spreader is much less expensive than its competition and is the same quality
  • Completes seeding quickly on big plots of land, with fewer rounds and turns than many other spreaders in the market
  • The wheels are composed of rubber/steel, which allows easy steering as well as durability


  • Doesn't have the smoothest spreading process and is prone to leave clumps that you will have to smooth out later
  • Assembly instructions are complicated
  • Heavy to operate when full


  • Has a spread width of 10 to 12 feet
  • 3" x 12" pneumatic inflated wheels add maneuverability for most terrains
  • Micro-adjustable setting of 0 to 39 to allow precise spreading
  • Strong nylon gearing
  • Includes screen and rain cover for storage bucket
  • Comes with a complete lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable handle makes this product an attractive choice for taller users
  • Can handle a wide range of substances


The Master Gardner 50 Pounds Broadcast Spreader is well liked by most of its reviewers. It has a reputation for being a quality commercial grade spreader that is available at a residential cost. This compact commercial / residential walk-behind broadcast spreader features 3" x 12" pneumatic tires and a T-handle which allows ease of turning and comfort. It has micro-adjustments for broadcast flow speed to fit everyone's' needs. Two rear legs give tilt-free support while the 50-pound hopper is being filled.

The Master Gardner company is a leading manufacturer of quality spreaders, wheelbarrows, and products for tree staking. They have more than 25 years of experience providing first class commercial and retail garden and lawn supplies at a very competitive price. Their 50-pound broadcast spreader has steel/rubber wheels that provide solid steering, and a big enough hopper to function economically. It is a proven product for seeding big plots of land in a relatively short time period, giving you more time to relax and just watch that garden grow!

Master Gardner 50-lb. Broadcast Spreader
18 Reviews
Master Gardner 50-lb. Broadcast Spreader
  • spreader
  • seed
  • broadcast
  • fertilizer

Most reviews on this item were very favorable. The feature that got the most negative comments on this product was the very bad assembly instructions. If you purchase this spreader, it is recommended that you view the available YouTube video to help out with its assembly.


Seventy-five percent of online reviewers found this product exceptional and would buy it again or recommend it for purchase. Twenty percent gave this spreader high reviews. Only 5% of online reviewers did not like this product, and would not recommend its purchase. One reviewer stated that this product came with the worst assembly instructions she had ever seen.

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