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Winter rye grass is a hearty type of grass that offers a number of benefits if planted in the appropriate environment. For example, rye grass in general produces an abundance of biomass, which naturally increases the fertility of the soil as well as the amount of organic matter found in the soil. Likewise, it also helps the soil retain nitrogen and phosphorus. Winter rye grass is commonly used by farmers in the Midwest as a bumper crop to aid the soil in recovering after the harvesting season.

The Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed, 5 Pound, although it can be used on lawns, was specifically formulated for gardens and pastures to be used as a cover crop to enrich the soil. Users have jokingly called this grass seed “green manure”. At the end of its growing season, the winter rye grass is turned over and mixed into the soil before crop planting occurs.


  • This winter rye grass seed mixture grows well in many different types of soil, including sandy soil and claylike soil.
  • The seed germinates quickly – generally within 5 to 7 days of planting.
  • It requires a minimal amount of site preparation and maintenance.


  • For some users, the seed failed to germinate.


Before purchasing the Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed, 5 Pound, it is important for a prospective buyer to understand what this grass seed mixture is.

Rye grass and ryegrass are two different strains of grass seed. Ryegrass is typically what is used on residential lawns. Rye grass is generally reserved for use as a bumper crop for gardens and pastures, and it is commonly used as animal feed. Although it will grow on lawns, winter rye grass has a heavier, flat blade, a dull green hue, and will grow quite tall if it is not cut regularly (generally 2 to 3.5 feet if left uncut).

The winter rye grass in this particular seed mixture was chosen for its ability to aid in erosion control and to enrich the soil around it because of its heavy root structure, which is excellent for the soil. The Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed is marketed as being able to grow in all types of soil, and indeed, many users have experienced success with convincing it to germinate and grow in sandy soil and clay-like soil. On average, it will take 5 to 7 days for this grass seed to begin to sprout; however, for a small percentage of users, it took almost two weeks before the grass began to grow.

This “winter” strain of rye grass grows well in temperatures that are less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is intended to be used as a seasonal grass although there are perennial versions of winter rye grass available to purchase. This type of grass seed is not drought tolerant, and it will not fare well in hot, humid climates.

Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed, 5-Pound
108 Reviews
Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed, 5-Pound
  • 5 pound bag
  • Use in gardens, pastures and hay fields
  • 100% superior grass seed

The five pound bag of this grass seed is enough to cover approximately 1,200 square feet of land.


At the time of this writing, 64% of reviewers had rated the Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed, 5 Pound four stars or higher. Because of the numerous factors that can affect grass seed’s growth, this is an excellent percentage. As long as buyers understand what they are purchasing, this winter rye grass appears to be a solid investment.

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Jonathan Green Winter Rye Grass Seed
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