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Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed Review

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Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed is specially formulated to grow in low moisture and drought conditions. All good citizens have a responsibility to conserve water, and it's a well-known fact that an expanse of green lawn needs regular moisture, more so in the dry seasons. A truly drought tolerant lawn grass does not exist, but one option that people have is growing drought resistant grass. Fortunately, because of technological advances, customers are now able to grow lawns that only require 1/4 or less water than more traditional turf grasses do.

This is where Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass seed comes into the picture. This seed offers an exclusive mixture of tall fescues, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass, and offers uniform color, consistent growth, and maximum coverage where the conservation of water is mandated. This particular grass seed mixture is resilient even in the most adverse weather conditions that are connected to drought conditions and high temperatures. The lawn grown by these seeds can maintain its beautiful color even on the most arid days if it is properly maintained and trimmed.

This product is available in a multitude of sizes, so a customer can retouch thinning areas or seed entire lawns.

Continue reading to find out more reasons why Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed has become the choice of water conservationists throughout the US.


  • This mix has been specially formulated to reduce potential damage by rodents and insects
  • The root system of this grass maximizes water availability by penetrating deeply into the ground
  • This type of grass seed needs less fertilizer because of its capacity to flourish on limited resources
  • This mix is resilient to occasional drought, and has the ability to go dormant during winter


  • During dormancy it may lose its heavy traffic tolerance
  • Occasional bare spots may develop and will require reseeding
  • Can occasionally go into a summer dormancy if there is inadequate irrigation


Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed mix contains tall fescue, which is a species of grass that has a large range of adaptation. It has deep roots (sometimes two feet in length) which allow it to keep its green color much longer during drought conditions. It also requires less nitrogen to grow, which is useful in those States where the use of nitrogen is currently restricted. Tall fescue probably entered into the US as one of the contaminants of the imported meadow fescue seed in the 1800s. It was soon determined to be more valuable than meadow fescue for forage, since it had superior height, growth, and drought tolerance.

Kentucky bluegrass is another ingredient of the Tough Grass seed mix. This versatile grass performs extremely well in warm, cold, or humid areas, mixes well with tall fescues and perennial ryegrass, and has a high tolerance for drought and high heat. It's also disease resistant, tolerates low mowing, and recovers very quickly after abuse. Forty Kentucky bluegrass varieties have adapted well in urban landscapes suffering from periodic drought, either because of watering restrictions set by the municipality, or because of the inefficiency of natural rainfall.

The third ingredient in this drought tough grass seed is perennial ryegrass. Although this grass is not particularly drought resistant, it germinates quickly, and has excellent density, color, and wear tolerance. It also reduces erosion and is extremely resistant to damages caused by surface feeding insects when it's enhanced with endophyte (which is a beneficial fungus).

Drought Tough Grass Seed may be the perfect answer for use in areas where water conservation is in effect. The varieties of grass in this mixture all drought tolerant to some extent, and are capable of producing deep roots that have the ability to get their nourishment at a much deeper level. The lawns that it grows are able to stay healthier and require less water during dry seasons and times of water restriction and conservation.


As of this writing, various online reviews give Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, or 70%. Most residents of water conservation areas were very pleased by the resiliency of this grass seed. A smaller percentage of users had negative experiences with their lawns frying up and drying during drought seasons. A few users said that there were large patches left in their yard that were bare and never germinated. One user mentioned that the ratio of weeds to grass was a bit high.

Despite this handful of somewhat minor complaints, the majority of users were very satisfied with their purchase of Jonathan Green and Sons Drought Tough Grass Seed. They stressed the importance of reading all the instructions on the container, and said that they would purchase this product again in the future.

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