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Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed Review

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It can be extremely challenging to grow and maintain a beautiful lawn in a dry shady location or in damp areas. Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed is especially formulated for these demanding areas. This grass seed mixture is a perfect choice for excessively dense tree shaded areas. It combines Harpoon hard fescue, which is practically foolproof for those dry shaded areas, and Sun-Up Trivialis, a popular grass seed which grows well in moist shaded areas. Black Beauty tall fescues are also included. In addition, this seed is endophyte enhanced, which improves a lawn's performance against drought and insects.

A seven pound bag of this grass seed mixture covers an area of approximately 5,250 square feet. It grows quickly in low light conditions, and can sprout up to 1 1/2 inches in 10-14 days. Bare spots are covered over efficiently. This grass has a dense root system which makes it drought resistant, and a good lawn for heavy traffic and extra wear and tear. This grass can produce a very attractive lawn in places where cool season and warm season grasses won't grow.

Read further to discover why Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed has become a favorite of grass growers nationwide.


  • Grows under a significant canopy of trees
  • This perennial grass returns season after season
  • Minimal effort to grow and is very low maintenance
  • Fills in bare patches exceptionally well


  • Looked healthy for a few weeks, then thinned dramatically and died out
  • Grass comes in really thin


Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed is a carefully designed mix of grass seeds made especially for lawns with dense shade. It contains a mixture of Sun-Up Poa Trivialis and. Poa Trivialis (also known as rough bluegrass or rough meadow grass) is a perennial grass that favors moist, sheltered places to grow. It's favored for grazing on heavy or moist soil. It does well in polluted areas. Such as cities and towns. Golf courses sometimes consider it to be a weed. Its leaves are tapering and broad, and its sheaths are rough.

Hard Fescue has a greenish blue color, and is drought and shade resistant. It is renowned for being able to grow in the most adverse conditions. This grass is noted for its clump formations, and is slower growing than Poa Trivialis. This low maintenance grass stays green for a longer time period. It is ideal for erosion, conservation, and reclamation planting. This cool season grass is salt tolerant and fares best on shaded areas and low fertility soils. This grass is excellent for retention and soil protection. However, it's not tolerant of very high temperatures, and might not recover well if it's severely injured.

Black Beauty Tall Fescues have an invisible light waxy coating that covers the surface of every blade of grass. The coating is similar to the natural wax layer that causes apples to shine, and aids in preserving moisture that's inside the fruit. Black Beauty Fescue should get up to an inch of water each week, but heavily shaded areas will require less water. This particular fescue is highly resistant to the common leaf rust disease.

Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed, 7-Pound
68 Reviews
Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass Seed, 7-Pound
  • 7 pound bag
  • 5,250 square foot coverage
  • 100% superior grass seed

Overseeding is recommended, the user will be adding new and improved varieties of turfgrass that will not only fill in bare spots, it will out compete weeds. Overseeding will keep lawns healthy, and should be done either in late summer or early fall. Temperatures will be cooler then, but the soil will still be warm, allowing seeds to germinate better while there's still some growing months ahead. Users should test their soil, to make certain that it has a pH balance between 6.5 to 6.8. Checks should be conducted for soil compaction. Seed should be applied with a spreader. Rake 1/4 inch of soil over the grass seeds. Keep the seed bed moist for several weeks so that grass seed can germinate. Water lightly in the beginning. New grass should be mowed when it reaches 4 inches high. Mowing height should be 3 inches throughout the season, but only 2 inches at the last mowing. The shorter height is beneficial to help grass roots survive the winter stress ahead.


For the most part, reviews for Jonathan Green Shady Nooks Grass are mostly positive. At the time of this writing, 77% of reviewers had rated this grass seed mixture either 4 or 5 stars. About 20% of reviewers had some problems with germination, very thin grass, and poor performance in the most shaded areas.

Despite these minor complaints, users were generally quite pleased with this product and plan to purchase it again in the future. As long as the instructions on the container are carefully followed, users can expect a solid performance from this grass seed mix.

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