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Jonathan Green Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture Review

Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture is specially formulated to thrive in the sunniest locations. A seven pound bag of this mixture will grow 5,950 square feet of lush green grass, or rejuvenate a lawn that has succumbed to weeds, grub damage, and more. This seed mixture contains grass that is naturally insect resistant. In fact, it has been rated the highest ranking endophytic (insect deterring) turf grass mix available in the market today.

Full sun grass seed mixtures can withstand eight full hours or more of unfiltered sunlight between sunrise and sunset. Most frequently, grown turf grass species grow easily in full sun. They also tend to grow better in sunny areas than in shade. However, just because a grass species can grow in full sunlight doesn't guarantee that it will tolerate drought and heat conditions that frequently accompany an exposure to full sunlight in warmer climates. The best grass seed for exceptionally sunny locations is a mixture that is specially formulated to handle dry conditions and high temperatures.

It is no surprise that grass seed mixes from Jonathan Green are the successful products of decades of research. Jonathan Green began mixing seeds for growing residential turf grass in 1986. He formed his turf grass research center close to Salem, Oregon, which at the time was renowned for being the largest region for grass seed production in the United States. Soon, universities all over the country started growing turf evaluation plots. After many years, Jonathan Green developed seed mixes for all types of lawns, including the full sun grass seed mixture that is now so popular.

Read on to discover the reasons that Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture is one of and fasting selling grass seed mixes in the world.


  • Provides the highest quality, longest lasting lawn in the most stressful of sunny growing conditions
  • Grass seeds in this mixture are naturally insect resistant
  • Has the correct mixture for full sun lawn growth
  • Sprouts within 7-10 days and effectively fills in bare areas
  • Can be shipped to some countries outside the USA
  • Grows remarkably well if attention is paid to correct fertilization and watering schedules, and if seed is planted in full sun, not in a dappled light area


  • Is initially slow to germinate, but grows evenly after it sprouts
  • Sprouts are thin and wispy, not thick
  • Did not sprout at all for some customers
  • Can succumb to overfertilization, which tends to burn grass, and overwatering, which can drown the hardiest of grasses
  • Overwatering can cause a possible fungal infection in your lawn


The Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture contains 20% deep blue Kentucky bluegrass, 20% Darkstar perennial ryegrass II, 20% Hood chewings fescue, 20% Frontier perennial ryegrass, 10% Eugene creeping-red fescue, and 10% Carmen chewings fescue. This mixture has been proven to be extremely insect resistant, pleasing in color, and holds up well under heavy use. Fescue is a heat-tolerant, low maintenance grass which has a medium to fine blade texture. It puts down deep roots which are perfect for heat protection and drought resistance. When mixed with Kentucky bluegrass, it provides beautiful season-long color for your yard.

This grass seed mixture contains helpful endophytes, which are naturally occurring organisms that live off the grass. These endophytes make alkaloids, or defensive chemicals that are extremely toxic to a variety of insects, including sod webworms, chinch bugs, aphids, cutworms, chafers, aphids, and Japanese beetles. Since these endophytes are completely natural, they don't diminish over time, and will reduce the necessity for any type of pesticide treatment.

Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture, 25-Pound
38 Reviews
Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture, 25-Pound
  • Provides lawn of the highest quality
  • Aids in deterring insect damage
  • Available in a 25lb size
  • Full sun grass seed mixture

Customers have noted that this grass seed will grow well on south-facing slopes and won't thin out. It is the perfect mix for those areas that get no shade or very little shade throughout the day.


Taking into consideration reviews, the Jonathan Green 10870 Full Sun Grass Seed Mixture received a 74% approval rating. A small percentage of customers found that this grass seed mix failed to germinate. A few others expressed disappointment that they saw a significant number of weeds growing along with the grass. These few dissatisfied customers were greatly outnumbered by satisfied customers who found this sun grass mixture to grow grass evenly and well. No reviewers wrote a review evaluating the benefits of the naturally occurring endophytes which are toxic to a large variety of insects.

Three-fourths of users were very happy with the quality of their grass seed mixture. It performed well in full sun, provided a long-lasting, high quality lawn, and was good for either growing a new lawn or filling in bare patches. This mixture is available in many sizes and it proved hardy growing on south facing slopes without thinning out.

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