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​Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Blower Review

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The Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower is a heavy duty piece of landscape equipment created by the leading company Husquvarna.

Husquvarna is a global leader in landscape and outdoor gear for residential and commercial uses. The company has made a name for itself by creating durable, superior tools that have a certain rugged appeal.

If you have decided to add a blower to your landscape equipment arsenal, then you will want to determine what key features matter the most to you.

If you are looking for a highly rated backpack blower lots of power, then the Husqvarna 150BT might be a perfect choice.

Read on to learn more about it and if its a fit for you!


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    Phenomenal hurricane-force airspeed of 250 MPH that lifts and moves wet leaves, debris, or pine needles.
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    Features a 50cc X-Torq engine that delivers impressive power, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements.
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    The X-Torq engine boasts a 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions are also 60 percent less when compared to a typical 2-stroke motor.


  • Some users have reported problems with the blower’s trigger feature.


  • Blowing force 20 Newtons
  • Variable speed throttle to lets you control how much force you use for each job
  • Easy start operation so you will be blowing in no-time.
  • Features an ergonomic back harness with durable, padded shoulder straps and a hip belt that effortlessly contour to the user’s physical form to reduce physical strain when in use.
  • The blower has LowVib dampeners that are located between the chassis and engine to help to reduce vibrations so you won’t feel as tired or sore after use.
  • Will operate for hours on one tank of fuel so you won’t have to worry about stopping halfway through a job to refuel.
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    Blower weighs 22.5 pounds which many consider lightweight compared to other models.


The Husqvarna 150BT Gas Backpack Blower is ideal for residential or light commercial use.

Wind Force

Its blowing capacity easily lifts even matted, wet leaves and debris for hard to reach surfaces. The blower delivers an impressive airflow of up to 250 mph that is comparable to a Category 5 plus hurricane.

The blower’s variable speed throttle lets you control the bursts of air during operation so you can determine how much force you require depending on the circumstances.

The X-Torq engine fires up quickly, and the innovative, sleek fan produces highly efficient airflow.


Many users love the cruise control setting that allows them to set the required airspeed so it holds true and there is no need to depress the trigger while operating. This reduces hand and wrist pain significantly.

Once the cruise control is set, you only walk along and blow the various areas. There is absolutely no reason to depress the trigger. This truly frees up your hands and simplifies the blower’s overall ease of operation.

Weight & Ergonomics

Some homeowners hesitate to purchase a backpack style blower because of the added weight, but the ergonomic back harness makes carrying the blower a breeze.

The padded shoulder harness prevents any pain, and the hip belt secures the machine in place, so you are free to twist, turn, and freely move when operating the blower.

The LowVib dampeners reduce any vibrations from the unit so you can carry the blower with ease and not experience excessive back or shoulder pain.

Fuel Efficiently

With the price of gas constantly in a state of fluctuation, the added bonus of a fuel-efficient engine is a really nice feature. You can run the blower for hours on a single tank of fuel which, ultimately, saves you money.

Additional Features:

  • The blower is CARB compliant and meets all emission requirements so is generally considered to be eco-friendly.
  • It features a cruise control setting that lets the blower’s windspeed be maintained continuously, so you don’t have to worry about depressing the trigger.
  • The specialized air purge system lets you start this blower with ease. The function pushes the air out of the carburetor and fuel system as the blower fires up, so the start is very rapid.
  • Features a two-year warranty that Husqvarna proudly stands behind.


Some users have complained that the trigger mechanism sticks or malfunctions. However, the trigger is covered by the 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, so if there is a problem with the trigger during that time frame, then you are encouraged to take the blower to a Husqvarna dealer for repair or replacement.

Users have also stated that the engine makes noise or smokes when running. In such situations, the ratio of oil and gas must be checked to make sure it is correct. Often, even a slight alteration in the mixture is enough to cause problems such as smoking. If the problem persists, then the user should seek out the help of the manufacturer.


The power of this Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc Gas Backpack Blower is undeniable.

It is built to tackle even the heaviest job with ease. Its durable design means that the blower is built to last.

Husquvarna has made an impressive name for itself with its wide assortment of landscape and lawn tools. Their two-year warranty against any defect is also impressive.

Undoubtedly, this blower is ideal for any home tasks and, when taken care of, will last for years.

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