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Guide Gear UTV / ATV Spreader Review

Seeding a large plot or piece of property by hand may be a long and arduous task. It can also leave you with a mountain of aches and pains. An ATV or UTV spreader can be just what the doctor ordered to spray that fertilizer, sow those seeds, and relieve you of that pain. All you need to do is hook the spreader up to your ATV, fill it with whatever you want to spread, and you're ready to go!

Here are a few hints before purchasing your ATV spreader: First of all, measure the area where you're going to do the spreading, and then buy a spreader with the appropriate capacity. The hopper you buy should be strong - a durable plastic hopper should usually fit the bill. Make sure that the spreader selected can be maneuvered easily on uneven ground.

Wider tires are better for seeding softer grounds like lawns. Make sure that the spreader chosen hooks up easily to your ATV or garden tractor, and that it detaches equally easily. Consider how often you're going to use the spreader. The more use it will get, the more durable it needs to be. Finally, ATV spreaders come in all prices, from very cheap to extremely expensive.

Make sure you know your budget and choose the right spreader with all the features needed for your application.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Works well with a Honda side-by-side, and is a great price
  • Ease of spreading, volume, and broadcasting are excellent


  • Would have preferred 120 pound capacity
  • 1 1/4 inch hitch connector's too long


  • Holds approximately 1,900 cubic inches and distributes up to 12 feet broadcast width
  • Guide Gear Spreader-Seeder fits into your ATV / UTV's 2-inch receiver and takes just seconds to hook up
  • Sealed 12 Volt motor protects it from wiring harness and from debris
  • Easily installed on/off switch and a rapid connect mount system
  • Controls are easily reachable from driver's seat so that the operator can make changes while moving
  • Included rain cover can be installed in seconds for protection when snow or rain begins
  • Rustproof polyethylene hopper


The Guide Gear UTV / ATV Receiver 80 Pound Mount Spreader Seeder makes fertilizing and planting a snap! This unit weighs 40 pounds and measures 21 inches x 16.5 inches by 14.5 inches high. It can be used for fertilizing or seeding a field or plot, as well as for spreading sand or ice melt on icy patches (This unit isn't recommended for use on rock salt).Your ATV / UTV or garden tractor can be transformed into a powerhouse of seed spreading with Guide Gear. It has a capacity of 80 pounds and 1,900 cubic inches, plus a broadcast width of approximately 12 feet. Guide Gear was built to the exact specifications requested by Sportsman's Guide and stands for long-lasting quality, dependability, and unmatched value.

The sealed spreader motor of this unit is sealed to protect large particulates and water from entering it. The rust-proof polyethylene hopper is meant to last for the long haul. It also comes equipped with a sturdy rain cover to keep the unit out of snow, sleet, or rain. It has a very easy rapid connect mount system which fits most UTV / ATV rear or front racks, and includes a lever gauge mounting on either side. This unit includes a quick-install wiring harness and on/off switch, and a sealed 12 Volt motor mounted in a rustproof polyethylene hopper.

The Sportsman's Guide Company has been selling quality outdoor gear since their first catalog appeared in 1977. Their motto is "Stop the pain, start the growing" and they strive to live up to that motto with their easy return policy, and their goal of buyers' satisfaction guaranteed.


Fully 83% of online reviewers were highly satisfied with this product and would recommend its purchase. They cited its easy assembly (took only 7 quick steps to have it mounted on an ATV), and its easy operation when spreading lime. Seventeen percent of reviewers weren't happy with this product, and would not repurchase it. Complaints included having trouble operating the controls and the fact that the sliding door track jammed quickly with fertilizer pellets, causing the operator to manually reach under and close it every time he reloaded the hopper.

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