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GreenWorks 2600502 Snow Thrower Review

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If you’re tired of shoveling snow by hand, it’s time to invest in a quality snow thrower. Electric snow throwers are simple to use, virtually maintenance free, and environmentally friendly. Because they don’t require oil or gas to run, they operate quietly and don’t give off any noxious fumes. Unlike their gas-powered cousins, there is no pull cord to wrestle with, and regardless of how cold it is outside, your electric snow thrower will start right up.

While there are dozens of different electric snow throwers on the market today, not all of them are created equally. In the world of electric snow throwers, GreenWorks is one of the most trusted names. The newest addition to their product line is the GreenWorks 2600502 Electric Snow Thrower. Not only does it do an excellent job of clearing snow, but it is exceptionally well-made and easy on the wallet.


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    The 13 amp motor offers a powerful alternative to traditional gas engines.
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    The directional chute is adjustable and can be rotated up to 180 degrees.
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    Snow can be discharged up to 20 feet away from the thrower.


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    The extension cord it comes with is fairly short.
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    The auger is made of plastic, instead of metal.


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    The 13 amp motor provides a plethora of power for heavy snowfalls.
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    Its compact design makes it easy to transport and handle.
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    The handle folds down for more compact storage.
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    It has a clearing width of 20 inches.
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    GreenWorks offers a 4-year warranty on this model.
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    The clearing depth is 10 inches deep.
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    7 inch, pneumatic wheels make this snow thrower easily maneuverable.


Built to last, the GreenWorks 2600502 Electric Snow Thrower can quickly and effectively clear a path of 20 inches. It can work in snow depths of up to 10 inches. On average, the 13 amp motor will enable this snow thrower to move 850 pounds of snow per minute. If you are looking for a combination of performance and economy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bargain than the 2600502 model.

What makes this snow thrower stand out from its competitors is the fact that it is loaded with safety features. A standard safety cord lock has been included in its design, and the 7 inch, pneumatic wheels offer better mobility and maneuverability than most other models. Start up is achieved by simply pressing a button. This handy feature all but eliminates the possibility of accidental electrocution. Dual LED lights make it easy to see where you are going during the early morning hours.

Its ease of use has made this model extremely popular among homeowners. The adjustable handle can be folded down to make it easier to store during the off seasons, and the rubber grip offers three different height settings for a more comfortable and safer user experience.

The environmentally conscious buyer will appreciate the fact that this snow thrower has no carbon footprint. It doesn’t use oil or gas, so there is no need to worry about it releasing harmful fumes into the environment. GreenWorks offers an industry leading, 4-year warranty on this model, which ensures that it won’t be making a trip to the landfill anytime soon.

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502
675 Reviews
Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502
  • 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative
  • Adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable
  • Discharge snow up to 20-feet. 7-inch wheels for greater mobility
  • Only works on 120 volts


82% of reviewers online have stated that they would recommend the GreenWorks 2600502 Electric Snow Thrower to a friend – despite a few quirks, like its short extension cord and plastic auger. This model offers the ideal combination of safety, efficiency, and price. The extended warranty from GreenWorks ensures that you’ll get the most out of your winter investment.

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