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Fiskars Power-Lever Pole Saw & Pruner Review

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Fiskars is a Finnish company with centuries of experience behind them (they trace their origin to 1649)! Their power-lever extendable tree pruners make cutting your high branches easier than ever. They have a lifetime warranty which promises that their saw and pruner will be free of workmanship and material defects for the life of the purchaser. This warranty doesn't cover environmental factors, sharpening, accidental damage, normal wear and tear, industrial or commercial use, or misuse.

Their power lever pruner boasts dual action, and its cutting force can slice through limbs approximately 1 1/8 inches thick with just one pull on the guide rope. The saw is a non-stick, corrosion-resistant 15" blade that slices through larger limbs easily. The dual pruner and saw are mounted atop a telescoping fiberglass pole that reaches out 14 feet.


  • Extension pole holds well and is very versatile
  • Easy to clean and to install durable, multi-use, strong, sharp, and great quality
  • Perfect for trimming palm fronds (with the caveat that it does dull the blade), hedges, pecan branches and walnut tree limbs
  • Trimmer provides several more feet than other trimmers at the same price
  • Went through a 4 to 5-inch pine branch like butter


  • Telescoping handle doesn't lock as tight as it should
  • Saw and pruner required a little too much muscle work
  • The pruner has some projecting parts that interfered with the use of the saw


  • Perfect tool for cutting those high branches without using a ladder
  • Power-lever technology increases leverage and provides two times more cutting power
  • Includes one precision ground, fully hardened steel pruner - ideal for cutting smaller branches as one strong 15" wood jigsaw for cutting larger branches
  • Steady double-locking system makes sure that the pole extension stays put
  • Lightweight yet strong oval shaped pole vastly reduces flex, lets you control the cut's direction, and fits into your hand's natural shape for increased comfort
  • Rapid-release thumb lock with a secure extendable pole at the correct length
  • Low friction rust resistant coating makes cutting jobs easier - The blade glides right through the wood, helps the blade to resist rust, and stops the blade from becoming gummed up with debris and sap
  • Detachable saw blade can be utilized like a hand saw for cutting those thick branches that are found closer to the ground
  • Full lifetime warranty


The Fiskars 7 to 14 Feet Power Lever Extendable Pole Saw, and Pruner is the perfect tool for trimming small and large branches alike. Its 2-in-1 tree trimming system features Power-Lever technology that provides two times more pruning power, plus a strong WoodZig saw. Its oval shaped pole is unique and greatly reduces flex when extended, as well as permitting you to control the cut direction better. It also features a breakthrough combination of an internal spring button lock and a flip lock that makes sure that the pole extension stays put.

High branches are well within reach with this extendable pole pruner and saw, which features two distinct cutting options and can extend up to 14 feet. The lightweight pole is designed to fit into the correct shape of your hand. Pruners will be able to trim branches up to 1 1/8" with this durable, sharp steel pruner that boasts a unique low-friction coating. To trim thicker branches, a strong 15-inch wood jigsaw does the trick. This pole saw, and pruner measures 2.5" x 7.5" x 87.5", and has a total weight of 5.3 pounds.

The blade material of this item is steel; it has a bypass type blade cutter, has coated blades, and is corrosion resistant. It boasts two fiberglass tubes that can slide into each other; it's approximately 7 feet long when retracted. And the tubes can slide apart to about 14 feet. It doesn't come with a safety blade cover, but this blade has a wingnut which loosens so the blade can be folded down and retightened.

Fiskars 7-14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner
363 Reviews
Fiskars 7-14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner
  • Easily cut high branches with a sturdy tree trimming system that extends 14 feet and features...
  • Includes a precision-ground steel pruner for cutting branches up to 1-1/8 inch thick and a 15 inch...
  • Oval-shaped fiberglass poles greatly reduce flex, allow you to control the cut direction and fit the...
  • Secure double locking system ensures the extended pole stays put. Maintenance : Clean with mild...

The WoodZig pruning saw boasts high-quality steel, secures tightly to its pole, and only gives the slightest wobble when it's fully extended.


Fully 86% of online reviewers were extremely happy with this product and would recommend its purchase. They praise the professional blade, its light weight, and its versatility. Fourteen percent of reviewers disliked this product, and would not recommend buying it. They had issues with the extender unattaching from the cutting end, the fact that no instructions came with the product, and the cord coming off the pruning head pulley system.

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