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Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader Review

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Simple yard maintenance, let alone farm work, is difficult when it is being done on a large scale. This is just one of many reasons why it is important to ensure that you have all of the equipment needed for the job to run smoothly. Without the proper tools, it can be challenging to get all your yard work is done properly, and the chances of frustration ensuing are high. One of the most beneficial tools you can have in your yard care arsenal is a mount spreader. This type of spreader is designed to evenly and consistently spread numerous products.

The Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader is an excellent example of what a mount spreader should be. Designed to be heavy duty and durable, the ergonomic design of this spreader makes it simple to use, and it can be used to spread seed, fertilizer, and ice melting agents, like salt. Many owners have also used this unit to spread compost and dry manure. The Field Tuff Receiver Mount Spreader is designed to be mounted to the back of an ATV, utility tractor, or UTV.

Read on to find out more about what the Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 offers!


  • Users have found the receiver mount to be simple to install with a minimal amount of hassle.
  • Because it mounts to the back of an ATV or UTV, the Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 is capable of adequately seeding corners and hard to reach places.
  • Because the directions are well-laid out, this model is easy to assemble.


  • The cable used to open and shut the feed control should be longer.
  • The deflector plate has a tendency to come loose, which can cause the motor to shut itself off.


  • The hopper of this spreader has a maximum capacity of 80 pounds, or around 8 gallons.
  • It can be mounted to a 1.25 inch or 2 inch receiver.
  • The wiring harness has a convenient on/off switch that is easy to control.
  • A durable rain cover is included with any purchase to protect materials from inclement weather.
  • This unit has a powerful 12V motor and has a broadcast width of approximately 12 feet.


Most ATV and UTV mounted spreaders are designed to be mounted to a rack, but if your vehicle does not have one, then finding a decent spreader becomes a problem. The Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader is designed to be the solution to this problem. Weighing in at 40lbs, this receiver mounted spreader is crafted from durable, heavy duty materials, and it can be mounted to a 1.25” receiver or a 2” receiver. No fancy installation is required. All you have to do is put it on and take it off as needed.

This unique spreader is designed to be used with seed and fertilizer; however, many users have experienced success in using it to spread dry manure, compost, and ice melting agents. The feeder slot can easily be adjusted to accommodate the size of the material being spread. The secret to this Field Tuff model’s power is its 12V DC motor. The motor has a rated max speed of 570 rpm, and the motor is sealed to ensure its longevity. Because of the powerful motor, this spreader has a broadcast width of 12 feet. The hopper has a max capacity of 80 pounds, which equates to around 8 gallons of seed, fertilizer, or small grains.

The ergonomic design of this unit makes it a pleasure to use. All of its controls can be easily accessed from the driver’s seat, and the included wiring harness has a convenient on/off switch that is used to control the flow of the spreader. An added feature that many consumers have liked is the included rain cover. It is made from a durable poly blend, and it will protect the material being spread from snow, rain, and other inclement weather.

At the time of this writing, 60% of reviewers on Amazon have given the Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader a four or five star rating; however, it is not without its detractors. Most complaints have centered around the quality of its construction. Around 40% of reviewers stated that they would like for the control cables to be longer. Because of their short length, the cables tend to become stretched and pull loose from their mounts. Similarly, a small number of users have experienced problems with the unit’s deflector plate coming loose and striking the spreader’s motor, which causes it to shut itself off. Despite these problems, the majority of buyers have been pleased with their purchase.

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound
62 Reviews
Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound
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  • Heavy-duty and durable, this spreader has a maximum capacity of 80 lbs. and hold up to 8 gallons of...
  • The 12' broadcast width ensures that you will get the job done efficiently! Conveniently, the...
  • The spreader easily mounts to an ATV, UTV, or utility tractor's 1 ¼" or 2" receiver; the included...


Both professional and consumer written reviews for the Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader have been mixed to positive. This model does offer an affordable price point compared to other units in its class, and the manufacturer offers a limited, one-year warranty on it. Its performance and large load capacity seem to outweigh the negative aspects of its design. If you should decide to roll the dice and take a gamble on this model, the odds would seem to be in your favor.

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