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Earthway M20 ATV-Mountable Broadcast Spreader Review

Earthway is an Indiana-based family owned company which began operations in 1965. This company is known for high-quality garden and lawn products used by both professionals and homeowners around the globe. Earthway is a recognized leader in broadcast spreading. They manufacture a quality line of 12-V ATV broadcast spreaders that mount easily on flat, horizontal surfaces, which are well within reach of any operator.

This broadcast spreader should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use, and all metal parts (outside and inside the steel tubing) should be coated with a silicon spray or a light oil. Operators should always wear protective eyewear, dust mask, and clothing, to avoid contact with materials and chemicals being applied by this machine. A broadcast spreader should never be installed to a vehicle alone. It's strongly recommended that an additional person should be recruited to help when either attaching or detaching a spreader from a vehicle.


  • Excellent for spreading ice melt in the Winter and fertilizer in the Summer
  • Can be easily mounted to a lawn tractor by using a welded bracket
  • The nuts and bolts are all metal
  • Has a 5-year limited warranty (60 months parts and labor) which applies to only those parts that are not affected by the natural corrosive nature of the majority of ice melt products and fertilizers


  • A block had to be installed at the rear so that the spreader would be prevented from throwing material directly onto the operator
  • Extreme injury can occur if hands aren't kept away from the shut-off plate or mechanism linkage, as well as any spinning object or the inside parts of the hopper
  • Control cable length could be longer


  • Specially designed to fit the majority of ATVs
  • Sealed 12-volt powerful motor
  • Strong rustproof hopper and epoxy coated chassis provide durable, long-lasting wear
  • Mounts directly on rear or front luggage rack - The mounting hardware is included
  • Includes gauge and lever mounts, plus a wiring harness
  • Has a capacity of 1,900 cubic inches for approximately 80 pounds of materials
  • Comes with a cover not mentioned in their advertisements


The Earthway 80 Pound (36 Kilo) 12 Volt ATV-Mountable M20 Broadcast Spreader weighs 13 pounds, and has dimensions of 13.5" x 16" x 22". This durable product features a 3-hole drop EV-N-SPREAD shut off system that ensures uniform, even coverage of seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc. Its 12-V motor is situated inside the hopper and is encased in thermal plastic. The durable M20 also features an epoxy powder-coated frame that has a 100 pound (45 kilos) load bearing capacity that is specially designed for easy horizontal mounting on either rear or front luggage racks. A gauge and lever can be mounted on either side to provide simple non-throttle hand access. The M20 also includes easy-connect mounting hardware, a heavy duty rain cover, and a wiring harness containing an off / on switch.

The Earthway ATV Mount M20 Spreader is great for applying fertilizer, as well as all types of granular lawn and garden products. It is not recommended for spreading native grasses and other chaffy seed. It excels for light - medium commercial use as well as residential use. It spreads sand and ice melt easily but is not meant to spread rock salt. Effective spreading width is approximately 7 to 12 feet, depending on the rate of travel, the mounted height of the spreader, weather conditions, the density, volume, coatings, or particle size, and the overall cleanliness of the impeller.

Overall, this ATV mounted spreader is very effective for spreading seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, or water either at the season's start or during the time of garden and crop growth.


Eighty percent of online reviewers are very happy with this product and would recommend its purchase. Ten percent of users are moderately satisfied with the M20. They cited concerns that the 80-pound capacity advertised is incorrect and that they could only fit in approximately 20 to 30 pounds of seed at any one time. Ten percent of online reviewers were dissatisfied with this product.  They felt that the control lever is inferior to an earlier version of this product and that it doesn't have a spinner, agitator, or mixer that would make certain that the fertilizer or seed is broken up enough before it falls down into the spreader. 

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