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Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader Review

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Using the correct lawn spreader for your lawn and garden projects simplifies your work and improves your results. Whether you want to improve an existing lawn or you're looking to seed a new area, choosing the perfect spreader will help to utilize your efforts and your time investment wisely. For the most part spreaders are designed simply, but remember that you should match the right spreader to your lawn. You will benefit if, before selecting a spreader, you know the overall size, shape, and terrain of your area, including its curves, corners, and lines. You'll also want to be aware of what degree of precision you require, any time constraints, and the number of obstacles, like garden beds and trees, that will have to be accounted for.

The Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader is a great choice for those homeowners requiring a professional spreader of all granular materials. This spreader is also employed for spreading seeds, fertilizer, ice melt, and many other similar products. Seeds can be drop spread, using a bucket-like hopper that utilizes adjustable holes which control the amount of seed that passes through. Drop spreaders are very well-suited for the smaller lawn (lawns less than 5,000 square feet). They are quite easy to use and provide precision around obstacles and in tight spots. Drop spreaders aren't affected by normal winds, and they eliminate any need for cleanup.

Read further to discover why the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader is one of the most favored spreaders available in the marketplace today. Choosing the best spreader for your needs will help you to avoid disappointment and product waste.


  • Spreader is well constructed and comes totally assembled
  • Spreader is very stable, and follows lawn contours easily
  • Pneumatic tires have no problems with lawn irregularities, bumps, and slopes - even mole holes. Roots, divots, and any other obstacles are passed over with ease
  • Provides a very regular distribution of product and takes half the time
  • Holds more than comparably priced spreaders, so an entire lawn can be spread without having to refill
  • Very useful for spreading salt on sidewalks in the winter
  • Landscape contractors who spread more than 1,000 pounds of material every 9 months speak very favorably of this spreader


  • Calculations to determine the right settings for dispensing products is a little difficult at first
  • Chute may get clogged if the product you're spreading has any lumps, because of faulty rotating sweeper pin in the bin bottom
  • Using the low flow setting may result in narrow stripes on your lawn (zebra stripes)
  • Several users reported that the center shaft responsible for spinning the tray fell apart at its first use
  • The axle hub may shift from one side to the other, which may prevent wheels from turning
  • The handle is too short for anyone 6' or over


The Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn and Garden Spreader is an inexpensive but sturdily made fertilizer and seed spreader, built to provide an even application method for all granular materials. It has a load bearing capacity of 100 pounds, a three-hole drop shut off arrangement, and high flotation 9 inch x 4 inch pneumatic air filled tires featuring rustproof poly rims. This quality product boasts an epoxy powder-coated chassis, a spread pattern of 6 feet to 10 feet, and has an extra-large 65 pound hopper capacity. It also has a heavy duty gearbox and an easy to read rate control situated high on the spreader handle. The numbers on the rate control relate to specific weights of materials being spread per area. (Earthway's website features an easy conversion chart for correct settings, calculated on what amount must be spread over a particular square footage of lawn).

The total weight of this item is 17 pounds. This spreader, unlike other less expensive competitors, doesn't have an actuating gate. The 2030PPlus spreader features a completely straight throttle cable (the handle is pushed to open it, and pulled back to close it) and not a cable that's spring loaded. The control cable is completely sheathed with rubber insulation, making it virtually rustproof. This spreader works well in both smaller and wider areas.


Approximately 83% of reviewers were very satisfied with the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn & Garden Spreader. A significant percentage compared this product to those manufactured by Scott's, and Earthway beat Scott every time. Several users liked its even dispensing which left no burn spots on the lawn. Seventeen percent had issues with this product. One user lamented the flimsiness of the plastic driveshaft, plastic gears, and the snap-together plastic gearbox. Another user complained about the 3 teardrop-shaped holes which initially open as slits. He found the slits too thin and extremely easy to clog up.

Despite these few negative comments, people who have used the Earthway 2030PPlus Deluxe Lawn and Garden Spreader praise its strength and power, and rate it at 5 stars, as compared to Scott's similar product which only garners 3 points online.

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