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Determining Grass Seed Prices

Grass seed prices vary depending on several distinct factors. Homeowners who are preparing to seed a brand new lawn will need to take several things into consideration, primarily their budget and how much money they have set aside for landscaping. Golf courses and facilities that house sporting events may need specific types of grass seed to support extreme levels of traffic. Football fields, baseball diamonds and golf courses, each require hardy grasses that can withstand the rigors of that particular sport.

Type Of Grasses

The type of grass chosen is normally determine by budget as well as the amount of time a person has to establish their lawn. It can also be influenced by how much area is to be covered. If damaged areas of the lawn or field need to be repaired, a more expensive grass may be used to strengthen and increase the durability of what has already been established.

  • FescuesFescues are an affordable type of grass that works well for almost any type of lawn or playing field. They are ideal for golf courses and lawns.
  • Bluegrass – Kentucky and other types of bluegrass are excellent choices for moderate to cool climates. While it still goes dormant in the winter months, it recovers quickly and can rejuvenate itself without having to re-seed in the spring.
  • Buffalo grassBuffalo grass is one of the hardiest types around. It is an exceptional choice for areas where large volumes of foot traffic are possible. It grows quickly and spreads evenly. If planted early enough in the spring, an entire yard can show modest growth over a single summer. It is one of the most affordable due to its incredible resiliency and ability to thrive in almost any type of climate.
  • Seed plugs – Seed plugs are more expensive than regular grass seed. The additional cost is due to the fact that seedlings have already matured to the point where they are able to spread and reproduce themselves. Placed approximately 8 to 12 inches apart, several grass seed plugs can spread to cover a modest size lawn in a few months.
  • Sod pads – Sod pads are the most expensive types of grass, but the cost is justified if the homeowner wants a lawn that will quickly establish itself. Once sod pads are in place, there is little left to do, except wait for them to establish a secure root bed. They are well worth the price if the end result is an easy to maintain lawn that is ready in a few weeks time.

Preparation and Maintenance

Grass seed prices rarely take into consideration the amount of preparation and maintenance that will be needed to keep the finished product looking its best. No matter whether you are using seed, plugs or sod pads, the preparation is basically the same.

  • Rolling the ground
  • Disking the surface to break up the topsoil and create shallow areas
  • Planting the seeds or laying sod
  • Covering the seed with stray to prevent it from blowing away or being eaten by birds
  • Rolling to set the sod pads in place
  • Watering

Once the seeds, plugs or sod pads are in place, maintaining the lawn becomes much easier and less costly. Fertilizing, watering and mowing on a regular basis will keep a lawn green and lush for years to come.

Combinations and Mixtures

Grass seed prices are normally based on the quality of the seed, its durability and if anything has been mixed in with it to improve its ability to grow and mature. Hybrid seeds may be more expensive than regular seeds due to the types of seed used to create it. In some cases, an extremely hardy version may be added to a fast growing type of seed to create one that is resilient and restores itself quickly.

Grass seed companies have also started mixing fertilizers and pesticides in with their seed blends. This serves two purposes. First the fertilizer is placed at the same time as the seed, eliminating the need for the homeowner to go back over and broadcast the area a second time. The added cost is worth not having to do twice the work for the same result.

Secondly, the mixture is formulated to provide the best results possible. The grass receives the amount of fertilizer it needs during its first stages of growth. Because they are thoroughly mixed together before being packaged, the grass receives exactly what it has to have to thrive. The homeowner doesn’t have to guess about how much is needed per square foot or whether or not they will burn the tiny blades by putting too much on.

There are several price ranges to choose from when preparing to seed a lawn. The homeowner’s budget as well as the time they are willing to commit to its care and maintenance will be the key into what price point is purchased.

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