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Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer Review

A good weed and grass killer should kill unwanted plants, roots and all, in a time period of about 1 to 2 weeks. It should be able to kill all perennial and annual weeds, grasses, and any other unwanted greenery. It can be used to control any unwanted growth around walkways, driveways, lawn renovations and restorations, garden plot preparations, vines and brushes, and can even be used as a stump killer.

Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass & Weed Killer kills grasses such as annual bluegrass, crabgrass, chickweed, Florida pusley, goosegrass, redroot pigweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, mouseear chickweed, tansy mustard and ragwort, witchgrass, wild mustard, and many more. This product also kills artichoke thistle, Bermudagrass, cattail, coyote brush, dandelion, curly dock, johnsongrass, kudzu, milkweed, nightshade silverleaf, pennywort, orchardgrass, zoysia, yellow starthistle, willow, wild barley, wild oats, and white clover. Also, it kills smooth bentgrass, sumac, tall fescue, timothy, pampasgrass, poison ivy, poison oak, primrose, yellow nutgrass, kikuyugrass, multiflora rose, Virginia creeper, Cocklebur, creeping Charlie, horseradish, dewberry, and elderberry.

This product should be applied when daytime temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, on a nice, sunny day when the weather forecast calls for no rain for the next 24 hours. Remember that this herbicide is formulated to kill all green plants (and that includes lawn grass) and isn't recommended to use in spot spraying. Compare-N-Save Concentrate is meant to kill to the root, so make sure to avoid any drifting of spray mist onto any plants that you don't want to treat. The chemical Glyphosate is absorbed by foliage, and travels all the way down to the root and kills the plant.

Compare-N-Save Grass and Weed Killer isn't effective if it's applied to soil. It binds to the ground and decomposes before roots have a chance to absorb it. If you cut a tree down, drill some holes into the stump and pour in this concentrate. Repeat this process after 24 hours.

Post-emergent herbicides like Glyphosate won't prevent any future or new growth. Read the label for an exhaustive list detailing when you can replant vegetables and fruits after spraying. Many treated areas in ornamental areas take as little as 1 day until they can be replanted.

This product, if it's sealed and not exposed to direct sunlight, has an unlimited shelf-life. Glyphosate has no expiration date. It has a half-life of approximately 90 days if it's left open and light is allowed to break it down. If kept in a dry, cool place, you can make it last for a few decades!

Compare-N-Save Concentrate can be used to kill a stump if it is a freshly cut, living stump. If you delay too long, the stump will form a scab, and that will render the weed killer ineffective. Apply this weed killer with a bristle brush, foam brush, or cotton swab, depending on the size of your stump.


  • All weeds died within 5 days to 2 weeks
  • Much less expensive than the name brand product (Roundup)
  • Also worked well on dramatically decreasing the insect population


  • Didn't perform as well as advertised
  • A salt/bleach solution worked better


  • Only needs 2 hours to become rainproof
  • Visible results possible in 2-4 days
  • Contains Glyphosate 41, a concentrated solution of the herbicide Glyphosate
  • Covers approximately 630,000 square feet
  • Makes about 210 gallons of ready-to-use spray


Compare-N-Save 41% Glyphosate, 2.5 Gallon Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer can be used to keep pathways, walkways, and driveways clear of grasses and weeds. It can be sprayed along fences and around shrubs, trees, and flower beds to eliminate pesky weeds. Just make sure to read all the label directions before spraying in and around your vegetable and fruit gardens.

Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer, 41-Percent Glyphosate, 2.5-Gallon
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Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer, 41-Percent Glyphosate, 2.5-Gallon
  • Rainproof in 2 hours
  • Visible results in as little as 2 to 4 days
  • Contains 41-percent glyphosate
  • Covers up to 630,000 sq. ft

For general weed control, use 3 tablespoons (1.5 ounces) of concentrate for every gallon of water you use. If you require tougher weed control for brush or perennials, you can mix 5 tablespoons (2.5 ounces) for each gallon of water. A good rule of thumb is that 1 gallon of this ready-to-use product can cover approximately 300 square feet.


Fully 85% of online reviewers were extremely satisfied with this product, commenting that this weed killer kills everything, and they would be happy to repurchase this item. Seven percent of online customers were moderately satisfied with this product. They commented that they found Roundup a lot more effective. One reviewer noted that the box it came in said it contained a surfactant, but a surfactant wasn't mentioned on the container label. One percent of reviewers were completely dissatisfied with this product, and would not recommend its purchase. It only killed half or less of the weeds and had minimal effect after repeated applications.

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Fred Laurice - February 18, 2018

After treating existing weeds with glyphosate, what product would you reommend as a relatively inexpensive pre-emergent to reduce future weed growth, and when would you apply it?

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