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Chapin 80088 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader Review

Chapin 80088 Spreader

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The Chapin brand has been in operation for more than 130 years, and they continue to produce excellent products like the Chapin 80088 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader. Each unit is designed and manufactured in the United States and surpasses the most exacting industry standards.

The Chapin 80088 is perfect for residential homeowners and professional landscapers alike. It comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is add the salt, flip the handle up, and get to work! Chapin’s patented salt auger ensures that clumping will be minimized and that the salt will be distributed evenly. The 360 degree, four-sided baffle enables product to be distributed only where it is needed, and the flow will be promptly cut off once you reach the end of the sidewalk or your driveway.

Using this salt and ice melt spreader is made even easier by the addition of 12” pneumatic rubber tires that make it simple to cover large spreads efficiently and quickly. A rain cover and grate are included in your purchase to protect the hopper while it is spreading ice melt and from the elements.


  • The hopper has an 80 pound capacity and is supported by powder coated steel frame.
  • A simple gate adjustment allows this spreader to be used for multiple tasks all year round.
  • A 360 degree baffle system provides precise control over the spread pattern.


  • The spreader is prone to rust.
  • Salt has a difficult time passing through the grater, and the spreader has a tendency to clog.


  • The hopper capacity is an impressive 80 pounds.
  • The T-shaped handle is coated in black powder and features rubber hand grips.
  • Gate controls are placed at your fingertips.
  • The four sided, 360 degree baffle system allows you to carefully control the spread pattern.
  • The unit’s frame is made from powder coated steel.
  • Metal gears are enclosed to protect them.
  • The twelve inch pneumatic tires allow large areas to be easily and efficiently covered.
  • A protective rain cover is included.
  • The Chapin 80088 is protected by a limited, 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Although designed for residential use, the Chapin 80088 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader has become popular among professional landscapers as well, and this model has earned a reputation for efficiency, quality construction, and excellent performance. With a maximum capacity of 80 pounds, it is almost identical to the ones used by professionals, and it is supported by frame crafted from black powder coated steel.

The bail system of the Chapin 80088 is truly unique. It boasts an ergonomic design that enables the user to operate it with either hand. The baffle system, in particular, has won much praise from users. It features four sides and a 360 degree directional rotation to ensure even and consistent spread control. For example, if you are salting the sidewalk next to your flowerbed, but do not want the salt to touch your flowerbed, you can essentially block the side adjacent to the flowerbed from the spreading auger. The auger, which currently has a pending patent, is crafted from poly conical and is currently available only on Chapin spreaders.

The twelve inch, pneumatic tires offer simple navigation, even over rough terrain, and because they do not have to be filled with air, you never have to worry about them leaking or going soft. The protective rain cover is a nice and thoughtful addition to have. It features a simple to use drawstring and can be tightened around the hopper to protect the salt or ice melt you are using.

What makes the Chapin 80088 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader such an excellent investment is that it can be used for much more than spreading salt. The engineers who created the design did so with all four seasons in mind. Consequently, this spreader can be used with seed, soil, fertilizer, and much more – all with a simple adjustment of the gate. To provide ample storage space, the handle can be folded. This model weighs approximately 25 pounds.

Overall, the Chapin 80088 has earned mixed to favorable reviews from users. At the time of this writing, 64% of reviewers on Amazon had rated it four stars or higher. A number of users have experienced difficulty getting the salt to evenly pass through the auger, and a smaller percentage of users had the units they purchased begin to rust – even after washing it and storing it as recommended by the manufacturer. Despite these complaints, the Chapin 80088 is the #1 best seller in salt spreaders on Amazon, and most reviewers agree that it is well worth the money spent.


The design and features of the Chapin 80088 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader have made it the most popular salt spreader on Amazon. Despite the problems that some buyers have encountered, almost all reviewers have praised Chapin’s excellent customer service. If you are looking for a serviceable and trustworthy salt spreader, then this model will meet your needs. On the off chance that something should go wrong with your purchase, the Chapin 80088 is covered by a limited 5-year warranty from Chapin, so you can expect it to provide many years of serviceable use.

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