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Why Fall Planting of Grass Seed is a Good Idea

You’ve done your research and now it you just toss down a handful of seed and let it do its thing, right? Not necessarily. There are three schools of thought on planting cool season grass seed: anytime it is needed, in the spring or fall only, or only planting grass seed in the fall. Let’s […]

The Heat is On – Selecting a Drought Resistant Grass

The heat and maybe even the humidity is bad enough during those dog days of summer, but maybe what really gets to you is the brown, dry lawn that just can’t seem to keep up, even with all the water you’re pouring onto it. It’s time to look at some warm-season drought resistant grass. Making […]

How to Reseed a Lawn the First Time

Maybe it’s the brown patches in your lawn that are getting to you, or the grass just isn’t as green as it is on the other side of the hill. Either way, you want fix the problem, but there’s a lot of information and even more misconceptions out there about how to reseed a lawn. […]

Let It Breathe: How to Aerate Your Lawn

Did you know that 25% of the soil should be air? It’s important that the root zones of plants, is able to exchange gasses with the atmosphere to help keep the grass plants healthy. More air in the soil gives earthworms and other beneficial insects and organisms more room to move and grow, helping keep […]

Too Much Information? Six Tips on How to Grow Grass

It may seem like there is just too much information out there on how to grow grass to be able to make heads or tails of. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide of six basic areas to concentrate on that will help give you a lovely lawn through the year. Read on […]

How To Seed a Lawn

Maybe you’re starting from scratch, or maybe your old lawn needs some new tricks to fix the bare or brown spots that are forming. Is there more involved in how to seed a lawn than you may think? Let’s take a look at the best way to establish, or re-establish, a beautiful green lawn for […]

When is the Best Time To Plant Grass?

It seems like a simple problem. If there are places where grass isn’t doing well in the yard, it’s time to throw a handful out there, right? Not necessarily. In this article, we’ll get into the how, when and why of the best time to plant grass seed. What is grass? Grass is a monocot […]

Bermuda Grass Care Maintenance Tips

To help you provide the best Bermuda grass care for your lawn, let’s learn a little more about this resilient warm season grass. Bermuda grass grows best during hot and somewhat dry conditions. It comes in both common and hybrid varieties; if you’re not sure what kind you have, you can ask your builder or […]

How To Kill Bermuda Grass

How To Kill Bermuda Grass Bermuda grass is one of those grasses that, depending on your location in the U.S., is either the best possible lawn grass in a very dry climate or is a weed that must be destroyed at all costs. When you’re looking for the best possible bermuda grass killer, it can […]

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