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Best Grass Seed For Shade

Best Grass Seed For ShadeA lawn would look pretty bare if it had no trees, shrubs or ornamentation. Lawns that have too many trees can block out the sun. providing precious little for the grass below. Planting grass seed that has been specifically developed to thrive in shady areas can help keep lawns green and […]

Is Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Better Than Granular?

Is Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Better Than Granular? A well kept lawn normally does not need excessive amounts of attention other than regular mowing and the application of granular or liquid lawn fertilizer and weed killers at appropriate times. The right type of fertilizer, however, can make the difference as to how often it is applied, […]

When to Plant Grass Seed in the Spring

A lawn can be the crowning glory of a home. Thick, uniform grass coverage makes your house look like it’s sitting on a soft carpet of green. New homeowners who are getting ready to seed their lawn for the first time have options open to them. Planting techniques will vary according to the type and […]

Our Top 7 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring time is when the grass begins to turn green, birds begin to chirp and the kids want to go play outside. Spring lawn care tips can kick start the growing process by providing the grass with the nutrients it needs to get ready for the long, summer months ahead. With proper maintenance, a lawn […]

Determining Grass Seed Prices

Grass seed prices vary depending on several distinct factors. Homeowners who are preparing to seed a brand new lawn will need to take several things into consideration, primarily their budget and how much money they have set aside for landscaping. Golf courses and facilities that house sporting events may need specific types of grass seed […]

Turf Grass At Major League Baseball Parks

Turf Grass At Major League Baseball Parks We thought it would be interesting to learn more about the type of grass that each MLB park uses. Check out the chart below: MLB Ball ParkTeamType of GrassCapacity Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Our Favorite Landscaping Websites

Read up on the latest landscaping tips, tricks and trends with our top picks: Studio G If you’re looking for inspiration about gardens, design and creative living, Studio G is for you. The website has been around for over half a decade supplying tips, ideas, and tricks in adding curb appeal to your landscape. Gardening Tips […]

How Long Does Grass Seed Take To Grow?

It seems like a simple question – how long does grass seed take to grow? Though a vague answer is fairly easy to come up with, let’s take a look at why grass seed takes different amounts of time to sprout, spread and become a lovely, lush lawn. This should help give you an idea […]

Developing a Lawn Care Schedule

When you look at the information available on a lawn care schedule, it’s often conflicting information. We’ll show you how to develop a lawn care plan that works for you! Let’s start with a few things that will make a difference in how your lawn care calendar is set up: Grass type What kind of […]

Establishing or Renovating Grass – How to Plant Grass Seed

It seems like planting grass should be a simple task, right? Drop some seed, water it a little and watch it grow? In this article, we’ll tell you how to plant grass seed to establish or renovate your lawn, providing years of low-maintenance enjoyment.Start at the BottomYou’ll want to remove as many large rocks, weeds […]

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