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How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed

When you have spent hours researching, preparing  and spreading new grass seed, the last thing you want to see is pesky birds enjoying a feast of your seeds. Luckily, there are many techniques that you can employ to discourage birds from ruining your efforts.Because on average it takes four weeks for the grass seeds to […]

When Should I Aerate And Overseed My Lawn?

If you’re thinking of aerating your lawn, here’s some information that might come in handy. Aeration must be done at a specific time of year, depending on the type of soil and grass you have. There are two different types of lawn grass – cool season and warm season.Cool season turf wakes up from its summer […]

How To Connect Two Rain Barrels In Series

Many of you, whether you’re using one lone rain barrel or a gigantic poly tank, have come to the stage where the amount of available rainwater has exceeded your storage capacity. If this is the case, it might be time to buy an additional rain barrel or storage container. There are several methods that are […]

What Is A Lawn Aerator Used For?

A lawn aerator is a machine or garden tool which has been designed for making holes inside soil into which grass can grow. It is especially useful for compacted lawns, since lawn aeration encourages worms, microflora and micro fauna that need oxygen to grow, and improves soil drainage as well. Aeration reduces soil compaction, which […]

What Is A Rain Barrel And How Do They Work

A rain barrel is a water tank which is used both to collect rain water runoff, usually transferred from rooftops through rain gutters. Harvesting rain water in this way can yield 623 gallons of water from approximately 1,000 square feet of roof. Rain barrels serve many purposes: Collecting rainwater for a later useReducing the use […]

How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Rain Barrels

Rain barrels have become increasingly important in providing water for gardens and lawns, while at the same time conserving potable water. An unfortunate consequence of saving standing water in any container is that mosquitoes are drawn to it like magnets. They will emerge from hibernation and begin to breed in hot weather. The breeding cycle […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Backyard Composting

Composting offers an excellent method of transforming your household’s organic waste into a valuable additive for your garden’s soil. Whether you have a green thumb or a talent for killing plastic plants, composting is easy to learn and will enhance whatever plants you are attempting to grow. Mature compost is a free fertilizer for your […]

How Does Composting Work and Its Benefits

How Does Composting Work?On average, American adults generate 210 million tons of solid waste trash each year. Approximately 27% (or 56 million tons) is recovered through recycling, while the rest is placed in landfills to decompose and rot. When organic solid waste decomposes, it releases harmful greenhouse gases into the air, which can produce a […]

7 Steps to Easy Composting

Composting offers many benefits. It is a simple method of transforming organic waste into a rich soil additive for your garden. Your compost pile can be as simple or involved as you’d like for it to be. Regardless of which option you choose, you will be contributing to keeping waste out of local landfills. All […]

Drop Spreader Vs Broadcast Spreader

Spreaders can run the gamut from small, handheld models to heavy duty models that must be pulled with a tractor or ATV; however, they are generally divided into two main categories: drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders. (Broadcast spreaders are also commonly referred to as rotary spreaders.) Both types of spreaders feature hoppers with adjustable openings […]

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