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Canada Green Grass Seed Review

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When it comes to lawn care and maintenance products, Canada Green is a relative newcomer to the United States. Although the brand has performed well in Canada for years, they have only recently made a foray into the U.S. market. The good news is that their products are quickly developing a cult following among homeowners. The newest addition to their American product line is the Canada Green Grass Seed.

This particular grass seed mixture is primarily composed of several varieties of ryegrass and red fescue seed. Each type of seed was chosen for its attractive, bright green hue. Dare we say it might have your neighbors…green with envy?

The Canada Green Grass Seed is engineered to produce a lush, green lawn year round – regardless of what type of climate you live in. Because of the aggressive growing patterns of the winter ryegrass, Canada Green promises it will crowd out any weeds and that it will require little to no maintenance. Canada Green advertises their grass seed as being able to withstand high amounts of foot traffic.

Read on to find out more about what this new product has to offer!


  • The seeds used in this mixture are adaptable to a wide range of soil, including sandy and clay-like soils.
  • The grass seed will begin to germinate in 6 to 10 days.
  • The seed is tolerant of shade.


  • The grass seed fails to germinate and grow.
  • It has a high price tag.


  • Each type of seed in this mixture was selected for its ability to germinate quickly.
  • The grass seed can withstand temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 140 degrees F.
  • A six-pound bag of this seed mixture can adequately reseed up to 3,000 square feet of lawn and cover 1,600 square feet of lawn with new seed.


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Here is a breakdown of the seed composition in the Canada Green Grass Seed:

  • 42% Red Fescue Grass
  • 30% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 25% Annual Ryegrass
  • 2.5% Inert Matter
  • 0.5% Weed and Other Grass Matter

Red Fescue grass has a fine blade, and it is resistant to cool weather. Because it spreads rhizomes, it is adept at creeping across lawns to fill in bald patches of grass. Although it does best in shady, cool areas, it can grow well in full sun – so long as it is lightly watered. Red Fescue tolerates drought conditions fairly well, but it does not like overly fertilized soil or soggy soil.

Kentucky Bluegrass is a popular option for turf grass. It can grow well in the full sun, but it is adverse to hot temperatures. It is moderately resistant to drought and requires regular watering during the hot summer months. Like Red Fescue, it spreads rhizomes, which help it to grow and spread quickly.

Annual Ryegrass is a quick growing ground cover that can be mixed with other grasses or used by itself; however, it is an annual grass, so it will need to be replanted each year. It germinates quickly, so it will provide adequate coverage while other grasses are growing in.

The weed seed, inert matter, and other grass seed found in Canada Green Grass Seed acts as a filler and fertilizer for the primary grass seeds found in this mixture. All of the seed found in each bag is treated to make it resistant to insects.

At the time of this writing, Canada Green Grass Seed has received mixed reviews. Out of 88 reviews, 41% of reviewers rated it 5 stars, while another 11% gave it a four-star review. 27% of reviewers have given it a one-star rating. Per the manufacturer’s instructions, the seed should be planted in the early spring, and Canada Green provides instructions for preparing one’s lawn before planting.

It is important to note that there are a number of factors that affect the results a homeowner has with a particular brand of grass seed, including soil type, climate, soil preparation, and watering patterns. The mixed results that users have had with Canada Green Grass Seed cannot be blamed solely on the quality of the grass. The primary problem with this particular mixture is that Canada Green has marketed it as a “one size fits all” solution for any type of soil in any type of climate, and because of the aforementioned factors, that simply cannot be done.

If a homeowner has a soil type and climate that is favorable to Red Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass seed, then he or she will have a better result from Canada Green Grass Seed than someone who does not. Of course, buyers have the option of researching whether or not the grass seed contained in this mixture will perform well in their region, but many homeowners are not willing too. When they purchase grass seed, they are expecting the manufacturer to have done this homework for them.


Reviewers for Canada Green Grass Seed are almost evenly split down the middle in their opinions on this product. It is either going to work, or it won’t. The good news is that the quality of the product seems solid. Canada Green is still a young company, and as such, they are experiencing growing pains. As the brand becomes more familiar with what lawns from each climate zone require, we can expect better products from the brand.

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Cheryl - April 2, 2017

I have two female dogs that have the run of the yard. Will Canada Green grass seed help me keep a greener lawn? Or is there another grass that withstands a dog’s urine? Thank you

Carl - April 13, 2017

Can you please expand on how “All of the seed found in each bag is treated to make it resistant to insects”?

    JoAn McGregor - July 2, 2018

    I need to know if there is any pesticides coating the seed?

      Mark Kelly - July 6, 2018

      Not that I am aware of.

Linda - May 27, 2018

I want to cover all my yard with ground cover in Austin Texas NEW side

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