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Best Wheelbarrow & Garden Carts for 2018

There few tools more essential to the modern gardener than a good wheelbarrow or a garden cart. They are essential tools for gardening, especially if you're looking to save your back from hard labor. There are many items that you might want to move around your yard or garden, including soil, compost, mulch, fertilizer, plants, garden tools, weeds, etc.

Which wheelbarrow or garden cart is right for you? On the wheelbarrow side, do you like one wheel or two with your barrow? Should those wheels be big and wide? Pneumatic? Tubeless? Do you prefer a lighter plastic tub or a sturdier metal tub? What kind of handles do you like? Let's say you're in the market for a garden cart. Are you looking for a small, medium, or large cart? Do you need a dump feature on your cart? Do you want carts that have removable side panels? Metal or plastic?

As you can see, there are many options nowadays that you should take into account before purchasing a garden cart or a wheelbarrow. We've made the process a little easier for you by reviewing many of these items, and choosing what we think are the five best wheelbarrows and garden carts available in the market today!

Top Rated Wheelbarrow & Garden Carts

Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires - WG050
1,522 Reviews
Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires - WG050
  • Highly versatile lifting and moving work system device instantly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly...
  • Oversized, flat-free tires never need inflating
  • Patented design adjusts center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Converts tool-free to work as an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder and...
Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green
605 Reviews
Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green
  • The Yard Rover features two, air-filled wheels, making it easier to lift, balance and maneuver.
  • The loop handle allows users to push, pull or dump the contents of the Yard Rover.
  • It features a rust-proof 5-cubic foot poly tray and 300-pound load capacity, perfect for residential...
Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides, 800-lbs. Capacity, Red
312 Reviews
Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides, 800-lbs. Capacity, Red
  • Durable 38-inch x 21-inch steel mesh bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • New frame design allows for quick and easy assembly while offering improved maneuverability,...
  • Removable steel mesh sides for added versatility when carrying larger loads
  • Padded pull handle makes it easy to pull up to 800-pounds



Cubic Feet

Weight Capacity

Price Range

Our Rating

WORX Aerocart


3 feet

300 lbs


5 out of 5

Marathon Wheelbarrow

5 feet

300 lbs


5 out of 5

Gorilla Utility Cart

4 feet

800 lbs


4.5 out of 5

Polar Lawn Cart Trailer

7 feet

600 lbs


4.5 out of 5

Jackson Wheelbarrow

6 feet

300 lbs


4 out of 5

Wheelbarrows Average Rating: 4.6 Based on 5 Reviews

Wheelbarrow & Garden Carts Reviews


  • ​Instantly convertible to wheelbarrow, bag holder, yard cart, plant and rock mover, or trailer tote
  • Convenient fold-out extension arm perfect for carrying very small trees, flower pots, straw bales, mulch bags, or other awkward, oversized items
  • Handles very large loads well


  • ​Too lightweight for commercial use
  • Took quite a bit of effort to push on upward slopes

Number one on our list, with five stars, is the WORX Aerocart Multifunction Two-Wheeled Yard Cart & Wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow has it all - a unique Turbo Lift design, which manages to make a 200-pound load feel like a 17-pound load, with a volume capacity of 3 cubic feet. It has a durable all-steel construction, as well as a patented 2-wheel design that adjusts the center of gravity for an easy-to-manage load.

Although it has a smaller capacity than most wheelbarrows, it's a great back saver, since it carries its load lower. You could call it a suburbanite's wheelbarrow - perfect for people looking to reduce any back breaking hauling. It's a snap to assemble, and it's built like a tank. The wheels never go flat, and it's easily transformable from a wheelbarrow to a more conventional dolly. This isn't the wheelbarrow of choice for any heavy commercial usage, but it works fine for any average homeowner project.

This product can be transformed into a cylinder carrier by clipping it into the cart frame. Oversized round objects like barrels, buckets, water jugs, and trash cans are moved easily, without any fear of them rolling off. This tool becomes a bag holder. Just snap the included bag holder onto the cart's main frame to carry leaf and lawn bags. Both hands will be free to work, When you're finished loading the bag, you can roll it directly out to the curb, or anywhere else you desire.

The Worx Aerocart is ergonomic. It's 2 wheel design gives it stability, and a variety of attachments allows easy reconfiguring to carry yard debris, planters, and propane tanks.


  • ​Assembly is a snap - The only tools needed are a flathead screwdriver and a crescent wrench
  • Two wheels make it much easier to load without worrying about it tipping over
  • Light enough that you can maneuver it around the yard with one hand, even though it's carrying a full load of compost or mulch


  • ​Wheelbarrow is constructed of a bendable plastic
  • Tires are made of low quality plastic and are a bit of an odd size

Holding second place in our top 5 picks, is the Marathon Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart (Dual-Wheel). The Yard Rover has been specially designed to be simpler to use than more traditional wheelbarrows. It features a cushion-gripped loop handle (making it easier to pull, push, and dump, then hang on a shed or garage wall when it's not in use) and dual wheels for easier balance, lift, and maneuverability. It has a perfectly sized (five cubic foot) poly tray for hauling gravel, mulch, yard debris, firewood, and so much more. It weighs only 29 pounds (25% lighter than your traditional wheelbarrow), yet it has a load capacity of 300 pounds.

The ergonomic design of this wheelbarrow lends itself well to projects around the home for persons of all strengths and ages, making it a wonderful outdoor gift for all backyard enthusiasts and gardeners. Also, it is very reasonably priced.


  • ​Very easy to assemble (you'll need 11/16" and 7/8" size sockets and wrenches, and a pair of pliers) and has a one-year limited warranty
  • Removable sides are extremely useful
  • Handles bricks, rocks, blocks, gravel, etc. without an issue
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 90-day returnable window


  • ​Tires came with a bad smell, which will lessen as they air out and get a little dirt on them
  • Paint appears to be lower quality and coverage on product is inconsistent

Number three on our list, with 4.8 stars, is the Gorilla Carts Steel Utility Cart (800-pound capacity) with Removable Sides. This garden cart weighs 45.9 pounds and has a durable 21" x 38" steel mesh bed, a height of 39.6", plus 10" pneumatic turf tires. A new frame design facilitates fast and easy assembly, and also provides improved ground clearance, rigidity, and maneuverability. Its padded pull handle (newly redesigned with 2-in-1 technology) makes pulling up to 800 pounds of wood, plants, or heavy rocks easy. Just pull the locking pin, turn the handle, and the cart's ready to be hooked up to your ATV or a lawn tractor, or even pulled easily by hand. This cart boasts removable steel mesh sides (in addition to the steel mesh bed) and can be transformed into a large-sized, durable flatbed that adds versatility when you're carrying larger loads. You can choose to have all of the sides up or have several of them down.

The 10" pneumatic inflatable tires are the perfect size for rolling over steep inclines or rough terrain, and moving larger objects like fence posts, lumber, or tree limbs is a snap with this heavy-duty, well-constructed steel utility cart. This cart features a tight turn radius and is ready for any outdoor, farming, or gardening jobs.


  • ​Excellent for use with a pulling-behind lawn tractor
  • Easy to maneuver with its "Original Tilt & Pivot Frame"
  • Twice the size of a traditional wheelbarrow and easier to dump


  • ​If you have a large load inside cart, it can be difficult to release the latch that tips the cart
  • The tires seem to contain more plastic than rubber

Number four on our list, with 4.7 stars, is the Polar Trailer 9393 LG7 Garden and Lawn Utility Cart (with a regular load-size of 7 cubic feet and a heaping load size of 10 cubic feet). This cart has an all-steel frame and powdered coat finish. The tub is made of heavy duty polyethylene. This easy to maneuver utility cart has shielded ball bearings, a quick release tipper latch, and 2 tires, size 4.8" x 15". The air inflated wheels are approximately 2.5" to 3" wide. The weight of this cart is 51 pounds, and its dimensions are 65" x 31" x 28 inches.

This trailer is meant to be pulled by a mower or tractor, but it could be used as a manual pull cart if necessary if you buy the add-on pull handle. This trailer has excellent ground clearance and a handy hitch bar that can swivel to the right or left when you release the bed for dumping. The non-rusting plastic dump bed should be sturdy enough to hold up. It can be assembled with a ratchet wrench with a 7/16 or 11 mm socket, a pair of vise-grips, and a Phillips head screwdriver.


  • ​Metal used is thick, well-built, and sturdy, and has an excellent finish
  • Wheelbarrow should last a lifetime with its quality construction
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty


  • ​Paint is smeared and runny
  • Instruction booklet could be better written

Bringing up the rear, our number 5 choice is the 4.6 star Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic Foot Steel-Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces. This sturdily constructed wheelbarrow features a heavy-gauge seamless steel front braces tray, steel leg shoes and cross strips, and an "H" brace. It also features a 16" knobby tread tubed tire with grooves. This tire will never need air, and will never go flat, due to its solid polyurethane design. This wheelbarrow weighs 55.2 pounds and has dimensions of 36" x 25.5" x 27 inches.

The nonflexing solid steel tub adds to the usefulness of this product. The tub itself is high-walled but maintains a forward and low center of gravity that makes loading and unloading of heavy loads easy and manageable, even over uneven or soft surfaces. The tipping crossbar is located in front of the tire and contributes to very safe loading of unstable, heavy loads.

This wheelbarrow has a professional-grade steel undercarriage and sturdy 60" hardwood handles that contribute to its performance as the toughest wheelbarrow on the job site. This product features patented leg stabilizers that promise to make this wheelbarrow approximately 40% more tip-resistant.


When choosing the right garden cart or wheelbarrow, keep in mind that both tools will help you to transport heavy loads by distributing the total weight of the load over the wheels. A cart features straight sides, a flat bottom, and 2 or more wheels. It functions best when pulled over a relatively smooth surface, although its large wheels can handle some holes in the ground. Carts can carry more than wheelbarrows, and they tend to be more stable than barrows.

A wheelbarrow usually features 1 or 2 wheels in front and a sloped tray. It is easily maneuverable, even though it has to be pushed (watch out for those holes, though!). The list below contains some advice on choosing the right wheelbarrow for your needs.

Choosing The Best Wheelbarrow

  • Tires - Choose air-filled, or pneumatic tires, if you want a nice easy push. Foam filled or solid tires can be better for a rougher terrain, because they're larger sized, but do require more strength to push.
  • Capacity - A smaller wheelbarrow is great if you just need a few cubic feet. A good general all-purpose tool is a 6 cubic feet wheelbarrow. Any larger, though, and you'll need more strength to control it.
  • Material - Plastic or steel? Plastic's lighter, less expensive, and is easier on the back. It won't rust, but it might crack because of either extreme cold or too heavy a load. Steel is stronger, more expensive, and can handle a variety of weight loads. It can rust, though, and should be kept inside when not in use.

Choosing The Best Garden Cart

  • Utility Cart - Choose a utility cart with 4 metal (removable) sides that is pulled with a long handle if you'll be moving awkward-sized, bulky loads like fertilizer, wood chips, plants, or dirt.
  • Dump Cart - Choose a dump cart if you're hauling grass, firewood, fertilizer or soil that will need to be dumped. This can save you a good deal of back strain.
  • Flatbed - Choose a flatbed cart without sides for hauling irregularly shaped items.


When selecting a quality wheelbarrow, there are 4 important parts that you should evaluate to determine how easy the wheelbarrow will be to use - the frame, the wheels, the tray, and the handle.

Let's look at the frame first. You'll want to get a frame that's sturdy enough to support the tray. Many people prefer a steel frame. If you're a resident of a locale that has an unpredictable climate, it would be wise to purchase a wheelbarrow with a weather-resistant frame.

Trays are your second consideration. A strong tray will contribute to the longevity of the wheelbarrow. Steel trays are beasts for weight handling but will make your barrow heavier and are prone to rust. Plastic trays work better for lighter gardening activities, but they can crack under stress.

Handles of traditional wheelbarrows are designed to furnish high maneuverability for people with a good amount of upper body strength. If that's not you, look for a handle that has an ergonomic touch.

Wheels are either single or dual, and the material they're made out of, and their shape will determine how easy your wheelbarrow is to use. Single wheels can provide wider mobility, but you'll need greater strength to adjust and control them. Dual wheeled barrows don't need as much strength to control and can carry a bigger load. If your plan is to carry around light gardening materials, a single wheeled barrow is a good choice. If you're planning to transport heavy materials, a two-wheeled wheelbarrow might be the better choice.


Deciding whether you need a wheelbarrow or a garden cart can be determined by answering the following questions:

  1. Do you have any difficulty walking or lifting? It might be easier for you to pull a garden cart than pushing a wheelbarrow. Garden carts have straight sides and flat bottoms, and they have a lower bed which will make getting things into and out of it easier for you.
  2. Do you have any problems with bending? If you do, then you might be happier with a tilt-and-dump wheelbarrow.
  3. How large is your garden or lawn area? If pushing a big wheelbarrow is no problem for you, look for one with a larger capacity, so your trips will be lessened.
  4. What's the topography of your property? If your garden area is rocky or has some uneven terrain, opt for a garden cart. If you're dealing with an incline, then a wheelbarrow is your choice.


The barrow or tub of your wheelbarrow should be cleaned regularly. There are two good methods to accomplish this. Method number one is to clean out the tub with water, from a hose that has good pressure. Leave it out to dry thoroughly in the sun before putting it away. Method number two involves scraping off as much dirt as possible, following up with a wire brushing.

Axles can seize up at times. It's important to keep a grease gun full of lithium grease (one that can apply lubricant deeply into the axle's bearings) in your tool shed. Every 2-3 months, fit the grease gun's nozzle onto the axle grommet and shoot several squirts of grease into the bearings. Make sure to clean off old grease that might spurt out from the axle.

Tires deflate - that's one of the laws of nature. If your wheelbarrow tires have tubes, they can be repaired using a standard repair kit. First, remove the tube. Second, cover any holes with cement and rubber patch. Let it dry, and then replace the tube.

If your wheelbarrow has a tubeless tire, fill up your tire with air with an air compressor, so you'll be able to locate the hole. Take the reamer from your plug repair kit, and pressure it into the tire hole to rough up the edges a bit. Next, take your rubber plug and pass it approximately halfway through the applicator tool's slot. Coat the rubber plug with some rubber cement. The next step is to pull out the reamer. Cut any excess rubber plug off, using a side-cutting pliers to make sure it's level with the tire. Fill the plugged tire with air.


After careful consideration of many different wheelbarrows and garden carts, our recommendation is the multifaceted WORX Aerocart Multifunction Two-Wheeled Yard Cart & Wheelbarrow.

When you choose this product, you don't have to worry about selecting either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. This ingeniously designed product transforms instantly into one of 8 tools - a garden cart, wheelbarrow, bag holder, cylinder carrier, dolly or extended dolly, trailer tote, or a rock or plant mover. It carries up to 300 pounds with a minimum of effort. Do you need a dolly? Just move the Aerocart's bottom flap down, and you're ready to go with a heavy-duty hand truck. Want to move some rocks or potted plants? Strap your potted plant inside the mover, and hook it onto the extension arms. Roll those rocks into the mesh, clip it, and you're good to go.

Online reviewers overwhelmingly gave this combination wheelbarrow and garden cart the highest rating possible.