By Matt Hagens / December 1, 2017
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Best Electric Leaf Blower Reviews for 2018

Electric leaf blowers are labor saving and time-saving tools that can be used for a variety of functions. They can be used to vacuum leaves, gather and remove leaves and grass clippings, break up or dislodge matted grass, remove fluffy or light snow, clean leaves out of rain gutters, dry off the pavement, and clean sidewalks, driveways, and porches.

When considering the best leaf blower for your needs, you will likely have to decide between an electric, battery powered or gas blower. 

Electric models are quieter, lighter, and vibrate significantly less than their gas-powered counterparts. There's no need to refill or mix fuel because an electric motor drives the fan. Best of all, corded-electric handheld blowers can provide a leaf-moving force equal to most gas-powered models, at a portion of the weight, cost, and noise.

Top Rated Corded Leaf Blowers

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp
846 Reviews
Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp
  • Superior blowing and mulching proven by controlled laboratory testing
  • Powerful up to 250 mph degree. 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode
  • Vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, cord storage hook, shred-all shred ring and time-saving oscillating...
  • Variable speed control for better control in both blower and vac mode
Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with 110 MPH and 600 CFM Output and Variable Speed Control – WG520
991 Reviews
Worx Turbine 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with 110 MPH and 600 CFM Output and Variable Speed Control – WG520
  • TURBINE fan technology delivers forceful, high-capacity air volume that is up to twice as fast as...
  • Dynamic airflow design and Hyper-Stream nozzle for maximum performance, variable speed control to...
  • Very lightweight at 6.4 lbs. to easily control with one hand without getting fatigued
  • Power cord retainer for hassle-free leaf blowing
BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher
1,413 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher
  • The 12 amp motor operates a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher all in one
  • 250 mph blower with 2 Speed selections
  • Can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one
  • Easy-change between vacuum and blower, Decibel : 68 dBA






Our Rating

Toro 51621 UltraPlus

12 Amp

250 MPH

410 CFM

5 out of 5


12 Amp

110 MPH

600 CFM

4.5 out of 5


12 Amp

250 MPH

400 CFM

4 out of 5

Greenworks 24012

7 Amp

160 MPH

150 CFM

4 out of 5


12 Amp

60 MPH

525 CFM

3.5 out of 5

Electric Leaf Blowers Average Rating: 4.2 Based on 5 Reviews

Electric Leaf Blower Reviews


  • plus
    Small and simple to hold through the longest jobs
  • plus
    Five-second assembly - just clip nozzle to motor and you're done
  • plus
    Very inexpensive but extremely powerful


  • minus
    Needs a better method of attaching the extension cord to blower
  • minus
    Switching out between mulching tools and blower tools is a bit awkward

The Toro Ultraplus Variable Speed Leaf Blower is one of the highest rated corded blower vacs in the marketplace today. It features a metal impeller that works with the Shredz-All Ring to reduce to less than 1/2" 96% of all mulched debris. It provides Air Horsepower up to 250 MPH, an oscillating nozzle kit, variable speed control, and a quick-release latch. We rated this machine 5 out of 5 stars.


  • plus
    Most consistently powerful electric blower in the marketplace today
  • plus
    Can blow dry leaves up to 10 feet and wet leaves up to 6 feet
  • plus
    No fuel mixing needed and lightweight


  • minus
    Would have preferred a longer extension cord
  • minus
    Not a dual-function blower and mulcher

The Worx WG520 Turbine provides a powerful (up to 600 CFM) performance with its turbine-fan technology and its high-capacity air-volume blower. It has a variable speed control system, air-speeds up to 115 MPH and a dynamic airflow design that streamlines air for powerful, consistent results. We rated this machine 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • plus
    Wiggling nozzle head makes leaf blowing a breeze
  • plus
    Metal impeller is incredibly powerful
  • plus
    Great tool at a reasonable price


  • minus
    Lawn clippings don't mulch as well as leaves
  • minus
    Leaves occasionally get stuck in the suction tube

This workhorse 3-in-1 machine has a 250-MPH blower, a high-impact metal fan that stops clogging while mulching and can easily grind 16 full bags of mulch down to one regular-sized bag. It has different speed selections for matted leaves or flower beds, a pivoting-action turbo-nozzle which loosens debris quickly, and a built-in cord-retainer that keeps it plugged in tight for uninterrupted use. We rated this machine 4 out of 5 stars.


  • plus
    Perfect for blowing the leaves off driveways, sidewalks, roofs, and patios
  • plus
    Simply plug it in, turn it on, and go
  • plus
    Rids a half acre of leaves in 30 minutes


  • minus
    Keeps coming unplugged
  • minus
    Strap is uncomfortable

This single speed 160 MPH blower works quickly and efficiently. It has an incredibly low price tag, a lightweight ergonomic design, and a safety cord-lock that stops the cord from disconnecting (cord must be bought separately). This 7-amp motor powerhouse emits no harmful emissions, has a four-year manufacturer's warranty, and you'll never have to inhale gas fumes again! We rated this machine 4 out of 5 stars.


  • plus
    Excellent mulching capability, lightweight, and very well constructed
  • plus
    Bushel catch bag is sturdy, holds an incredible amount, and is simple to attach and detach
  • plus
    Pulverizes leaves extra fine


  • minus
    Shoots out quite a bit of dust - Don't wear your new clothes while using it!
  • minus
    Bag clip pops off easily

This 3-in-1 blower, bagger, and mulcher uses a unique patented all-in-one-tube system to vac, blow, and mulch leaves and debris very quickly. It is lightweight (under 10 pounds), it's ergonomically designed, and it has 500 CFM power. It has instant conversion from blower mode to vacuum mode, and its 2-stage metal impeller uses a 24:1 ratio for mulching down leaves. We rated this machine 3.5 out of 5 stars.


We left no stone (or leaf) unturned in our effort to find and review the very finest electric leaf blowers on the market today. Hundreds of reviews have been carefully read, from sites such as,, Home Depot, vendor sites, and a good many independent review sites to give you 5 excellent choices of corded electric leaf blowers.

After selecting the models with the highest ratings overall, the winnowing began. What are the pros and cons of each model? What are the average ratings? Does this particular electric leaf blower have any unique features? Does this model have a warranty and a good instruction manual? How reliable is this particular model? Finally, how much does this blower cost?

Read on to find out the pertinent pros and cons of what we consider the best electric leaf blowers available in the marketplace today. We have employed a star system for our ratings, with 5 stars being the highest possible rating. We are confident that our analysis of each machine will be useful in guiding you in your decision-making process.


Make sure to mail in any warranty form to the manufacturer so that you will be notified of any pertinent safety information or recalls of the leaf blower that you purchased. All of the electric blowers reviewed here today come with some kind of manufacturer warranty.


Power (MPH)

Most of the cheaper electric leaf blowers will provide less power (60-110 MPH) as compared to the 160-250 MPH that more expensive models provide. MPH measures the number of miles that air can travel in 1 hour if exit velocity remains constant. Vendors typically will boost the MPH on their higher priced models. This means that it's important that the blower you select should have a large enough motor to be able to get the job done. If you're going to be blowing large quantities of damp, heavy leaves or any other type of solid material, then you should purchase the model that has the largest number of amps and the highest airspeed that you can manage. Of course, there is also the option of purchasing a cordless electric leaf blower, which will provide you more freedom and power at a more expensive price.

Power (CFM)

CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute is a measurement of air volume velocity moving through a blower in one minute's time (independent of density). The leaf blower's engine is used to power an impeller, which is a set of spinning blades located inside the housing that can draw air in at one end and then force it out through a tube. The air volume that exits from the tube of a particular model is used to determine the CFM. The more air moving through a machine, the higher the volume is, and that equates to more leaves being moved. CFM must work together with MPH. Higher volume (CFM) and higher air speed (MPH) means that a greater quantity of work can be done in a smaller amount of time.


Many people love electric leaf blowers for their simple operation and ease of use. They're cheaper than gas blowers and much quieter as well. They seldom if ever require maintenance and they're environmentally friendly (no fumes emitted, and no need to mix oil and gas every time that you use it). If you don't mind working with an extension cord and you have a smaller yard to maintain, then an electric leaf blower is the right choice for you.


An electric leaf blower can make light work out of piling, raking, mulching, and bagging - work that used to take an entire weekend can now be completed in a matter of hours.

In addition to all the traditional uses, an electric leaf blower is ideal for detailing your car - exterior and interior. You can also use it to dry your vehicle and be sure of getting a spot-free finish.

An electric leaf blower possesses a number of advantages over a gas-powered model:

  • ​​​​Electric blowers tend to be lighter than gas blowers that are full of fuel
  • Electric blowers are very quiet, in stark contrast with many gas blowers that emit large amounts of noise - Many electric blowers operate quietly at 69 dBA (decibels) which is quiet as blowers go, plus they don't put out any harmful emissions. You might even forego wearing ear protection when using it.
  • Many electric leaf blowers now function as a blower, a vac, and a mulcher - Make sure that the impeller used to vacuum is made of metal and not plastic.
  • A well-designed electric blower can be very powerful, and can reach airspeeds of approximately 250 MPH - It can also be a gentle blower, using an airspeed of 140 MPH to clean up the flower bed or to get into those smaller areas where maximum power is neither desirable or necessary.
  • Many electric leaf blowers today have a variable speed control which can be operated with just one hand.
  • Electric leaf blowers frequently can mulch while in vacuum mode - This means that they are capable of taking 15 bushels of debris and leaves and can expel it directly into a reusable 1 1/2 bushel bag and have an incredible amount of space left over.

If you only have a small yard and don't mind using an extension cord, then a corded electric blower might be just right for you


Corded electric leaf blowers are the easiest leaf blowers around because they have neither oil or gas. Just plug it into an extension cord or a regular outlet, and you'll be on your way to a beautiful, clean lawn or driveway in nothing flat. A corded leaf blower might be your lightweight option and might be your best bet if you have a smaller yard or garden area.

Corded leaf blowers are environmentally friendly. There's no need for fuel of any kind that can release toxic fumes. They are emission-free. However, a corded model will require using an extension cord or working closer to the power outlet. There is a choice to be made here - do you want a quieter, emission-free model or a potentially more powerful (but toxic) gas-powered model?

Because of safety issues, you should make sure that your new electric leaf blower comes with a sticker on it that says it has been approved by a safety organization such as CSA, UL, CpSI, NSC, IEC, ANSI, etc. Other safety features to look for are nonslip handles, a bottom-mounted air intake, and double insulation, which is vital in an electric leaf blower to protect the user from a possible risk of getting an electrical shock. The extension cord should be double insulated as well as rated for outdoor use.


The 5 models in our review range in price from under $50 to over $150. What are some of the differences found between cheaper models and more expensive models?


A corded electric leaf blower will provide a bit more power than cordless models, and a bit less compared to gas-powered models. The cheaper corded blowers usually fall around the 7 amp range, and the more expensive models will mostly have motors that have been rated at about 12 amps.


Electric leaf blowers, which usually consist of a lightweight handheld unit and a cord typically offer slower speeds. Our 5 models reviewed here today range from 60 MPH in the cheaper model, up to 250 MPH in the most expensive model.


  • Toro
  • ​WORK
  • Greenworks


At the lowest end of our price range, the Greenworks 24012 Electric 160 MPH Blower has a lightweight, ergonomic design, a 7-amp motor, a 4-year manufacturer's warranty, and claims to rid 1/2 an acre of leaves in just 30 minutes.  All for under $50.

On the higher end of our price range, the WORX Turbine WG520 Corded Leaf Blower with variable speed control provides consistent 600 CFM performance, a high-capacity air-volume blower, and air speeds up to 115 MPH.  Cost is generally around $150.

Our number editor's choice, weighs in at around $100, and for that small amount provides the best options and features of all the other blowers that are reviewed here today.


After an extensive review of hundreds of available of electric leaf blowers, we recommend the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum With Metal Impeller. This machine features a metal impeller that works with the Shredz-All Ring to reduce to less than 1/2" 96% of all mulched debris. It is a very reasonably priced variable speed blower that provides air horsepower up to 250 MPH and comes with an oscillating nozzle kit and a quick-release latch.

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