Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews For 2017

If you are a homeowner and looking for a leaf blower, there is a good chance a cordless model will fit the bill.  They are convenient, good for the environment and just as capable as gas or plugin powered blowers...especially now with the lithium-ion cordless blowers.

There are dozens of different leaf blower brands and models on the market, and the process of determining which one is right for your unique needs can be challenging. At Yard Care Gurus, we have streamlined this process for you by providing comprehensive reviews for the market’s top selling cordless leaf blowers.

I've tested them all and these are my top picks for the best cordless leaf blowers in 2017:






My Rating

150 MPH



5 Out of 5

Black & Decker LSW36

120 MPH



4.5 Out of 5


130 MPH



4.5 Out of 5


125 MPH



4.5 Out of 5

Oregon BL300

132 MPH



4 Out of 5


Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews


  • It weighs only 3.1 pounds.
  • The battery can be used interchangeably with other G-Max tools.
  • It boasts variable speed control for better gathering and sweeping capabilities.
  • Air velocity can reach up to 150 mph.


  • Only one blow tube attachment is included with the blower.
  • Extra batteries are expensive.

If you are looking for a cordless leaf blower, but do not want to spend an arm and a leg on one,the GreenWorks 24252 G-Max offers a solid choice. It has received solid reviews from both professionals and consumers. Its lightweight, compact design makes it simple to hold and operate, and variable speeds enable you to tailor the power level based upon what you are cleaning. The lack of a cord means that the blower can accompany you anywhere, and your work area is not restricted by whether or not an electrical outlet is available.

On a fully charged battery, this cordless blower will operate for 35 minutes before it needs to be recharged; however, this time frame can be extended somewhat depending on what speed you are operating the blower at. It takes approximately 60 minutes for a battery to fully charge.Because it is electric, users do not have to worry about contending with mess from oil or gas. The primary downside is that purchasing additional batteries can quickly become expensive.

With an initial cost of less than $100.00, this cordless leaf blower ensures that the job will get done without making a dent in your wallet. Best of all, it is covered by a four-year warranty from the manufacturer, and the battery has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty against memory loss.

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  • The blow tube features a built in scraper to remove stuck on debris, like matted leaves.
  • The handle grip is cushioned to make it more comfortable to hold.
  • The blower is accompanied by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in the workmanship or materials.
  • The battery charger is included.


  • With a max air speed of 120 mph, its performance can be sluggish.
  • A fully charged battery will only run for 25 minutes.
  • It is not available in a dual voltage option. This blower works only on 120V AC current.

As a cordless, handheld blower, the Black and Decker LSW36 model has plenty to offer. With a total weight of 4.7 pounds, it is lightweight and simple to use. The padded handle makes it comfortable to grip and hold. One feature of this model that has won particular praise is that it can be used with almost 36V or 40V rechargeable ion battery, so if a buyer already has one of these at home, he or she can save roughly $65.00 on the purchase of this blower.

Another highlight of this cordless blower is its Power Command settings. There are six to choose from on the handle of the blower, and these settings can be used to boost performance as needed, which extends how long the battery will last on a single charge.Here’s the bad news: The Black and Decker LSW36 will only run for 25 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes, on a single charge.

While this performance time is not terrible, it is not the best either. One feature of the blower that users have found frustrating is that, when the “Status of Charge” indicator reads 20% or below, the blower is designed not to operate. Other users have complained that the blower does not work well on grassy surfaces – only on dry, hard surfaces.

All in all, this blower has garnered positive to middling reviews. With an affordable price point, it is certainly an option that should be considered by anyone looking to purchase a new blower.


  • The turbine fan is capable of delivering up to 480 CFM.
  • It offers variable speed controls.
  • Rechargeable batteries are capable of running for 60 minutes or 75 minutes (depending on which battery package is purchased) on a single charge.


  • The base model of this blower does not come with a battery.
  • A battery charger must be purchased separately.
  • At 13.6 pounds, this blower is significantly heavier than its competitors.

The EGO Power+ Blower delivers high powered performance that is touted as being better than many gasoline powered models. In addition to its powerful electric battery, this leaf blower also harnesses the power of turbine engineering to produce superior performance. The blower is covered by an industry leading, 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, and all batteries and battery chargers are covered by a similar 3-year warranty.

The EGO blower has multiple speed settings, which enable the user to customize the amount of power the unit delivers. All of its components are designed to be weather resistant to ensure its longevity. Capable of reaching up to 480 CFM, this blower is quite capable of putting out up to three times the volume of air than its closest competitor; however, with a top air speed of 92 mph, its performance can be sluggish – depending on how hard it is being asked to work.

The pricing of the EGO Power+ Blower has created some issues with consumers. The base model is priced at only $99.00; however, it does not come with a battery. Purchasing a 2.0Ah battery kit with the blower will cost $179.99, and buying the blower plus a 2.5Ah battery kit will set a consumer back $199.99. A standard battery charger will cost an additional $69.99. It should be noted that EGO Power+ Blower batteries are compatible and interchangeable with other EGO lawn care products.


  • Variable speed controls allow you to adjust the power to suit your needs.
  • The blower can reach air speeds up to 125 mph and a max air volume of 465 CFM.
  • The blower is a member of WORX’s PowerShare program, and the battery is interchangeable with all other 56V tools in the lineup.


  • Because it weighs 12.7 pounds, this makes it one of the heavier cordless blowers on the market right now.
  • The high price point will be off putting to some buyers.

The WORX WG591 Turbine 56V Cordless Blower has fared very well in both professional and consumer written reviews, and it is not difficult to see why. Included in your purchase of this cordless leaf blower are a 56V 2.0Ah rechargeable lithium ion battery and a battery charger, so there is no need to purchase additional components. Currently, this WORX blower is selling for $185.99, which will seem high to some consumers; however, the majority agree it is well worth the price.

Turbine fan technology has been incorporated into the design of this leaf blower, and it is capable of reaching a maximum air volume of 465 CFM. This makes it ideal for heavy duty maintenance work. Variable speed controls are accompanied by WORX’s patented Turbo Boost, which imbues the user with all of the control needed to tackle any job. A particular highlight of the WG591’s design is its oversized air nozzle, which disperses air more forcefully and across a wider range.

Although WORX does not provide an exact runtime for the battery, consumers have gauged it to be roughly forty minutes – longer if the blower is being run on its lower speed setting. The battery appears to take approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. This WORX model, and its battery, are covered by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. The general consensus among reviewers is that this blower worx great!


  • The blower can reach an astonishing air speed of 132 mph and a max air volume of 507 CFM, which are some of the best stats in its class.
  • The blower features an ergonomic design with the turbo button and speed trigger located on the handle, which makes them easy to access.
  • The unit is covered by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Some consumers have stated that the design is bulky – making it difficult to weld effectively.
  • Battery charger takes over 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

With its high air speed and air volume, the Oregon Cordless BL300 Blower has the ability to cover a large area quickly and efficiently. It also has one of the lowest noise outputs of any handheld leaf blower on the market today at just 64.6 dB – making hearing protection recommended, but not a requirement.

The blower comes with a single 40V lithium ion, rechargeable battery, plus a battery charger. This means that the consumer does not have to purchase additional equipment for it. The blower has a blow length of 17 feet and is capable of handling dirt, sticks, and other small debris in addition to leaves.

This blower has fared exceptionally well in consumer written reviews. The primary complaint has been that the C600 battery charger takes an average of 210 minutes to fully charge the battery; however, an express charger is available for purchase, which can charge the battery in as little as 60 minutes.


The right cordless leaf blower will make yard work a quick and simple chore, and the diverse range of available models and features means that it will not be difficult for you to find one that suits your needs. Each of the reviewed models were chosen, in part, for their durability, so that you can easily find a model that will provide you with many years of use.

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