Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews For 2017

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews For 2017

Backpack style leaf blowers offers a number of advantages. For example, because the weight of the unit rests on your back, and not a single arm, it doesn’t throw off your center of gravity and makes it easier to control the blower. They are also ideal for those who suffer from problems with their wrists, arms, or shoulders.

Whether you are looking for an entry level model for basic yard work or a heavy duty machine that is capable of handling a commercial property, we guarantee that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Listed below are five of the best backpack leaf blowers on the market today. Yard Care Gurus has carefully evaluated each one based upon versatility, convenience, total weight, blowing power, and price. With all of this valuable information readily available in one central location, you won’t have to spend hours scouring the Internet to find it yourself, and you can rest assured that, when you are ready to purchase, you have made an informed buying decision.

I've done the hard work...the best backpack leaf blowers for 2017:




Price Range

Our Rating

Husqvarna 350BT



5 out of 5

Poulan Pro 967087101

200 MPH


4.5 out of 5

Husqvarna 130BT

150 MPH


4.5 out of 5

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC

145 MPH


4.5 out of 5


142 MPH


4 out of 5

Here are my top 5 best backpack leaf blowers:

Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews


  • Weighing only 22.5 pounds, it is lightweight.
  • Air speed can reach as high as 250 mph.
  • The accompanying harness is padded and ventilated.


  • It requires several pulls to start the engine.
  • Some consumers have complained of it making an annoying rattling noise while running.

The Husqvarana 150 BT 50.2 cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower has fared very well in both professional and consumer written reviews. Its ergonomic design was created to reduce strain and fatigue on your body, and the load reducing harness reduces the amount of strain placed on your back. This blower is CARB compliant.

The heart of the Husqvarana 150 BT is its powerful X-Torq engine. In combination with the model’s efficient fan design, it delivers high air flow and air speed. The patented technology used in the engine’s design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by 75% and increases its fuel efficiency by up to 20%. At 50cc, the engine provides plenty of power, and the 150 BT is rated for use on commercial properties.

This backpack leaf blower has been praised for its ability to tackle leaves (both wet and dry), light snow, acorns, and dead foliage with ease. Most consumers like the fact that Husqvarana has provided clear, step by step assembly instructions (including a YouTube video), which makes the unit easy to put together. Best of all, this backpack leaf blower is covered by a 2 year, comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty – one of the best in the industry.

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 1.6 kW 50.2 cc 7500 rpm 180 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower with 2.1 HP X-Torq engine
711 Reviews
Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 1.6 kW 50.2 cc 7500 rpm 180 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower with 2.1 HP X-Torq engine
  • Lightweight blower with integrated back pack harness for landscape professionals as well as...
  • 2.1 HP X-Torq engine reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increase fuel efficiency
  • Comfortable, ventilated and load-reducing harness with hip belt and wide shoulder straps
  • Fan speed can be set for easier handling; air purge removes air from carburetor and fuel system for...


  • Patented JumpStart technology allows you to skip pull starts.
  • At 21.8 pounds, it weighs less than other comparable models on the market.
  • An extended flexible tube allows you to easily maneuver under and around objects.


  • The air flow speed of 150 mph is relatively slow.
  • The blower only has a single tube attachment included.

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4 Cycle Backpack Blower is a high performance backpack blower that does not require the mixing of gas and oil. The full crank, high torque engine is capable of reaching up to 150 mph of air speed and 500 cfm of air volume. The engine boasts JumpStart and SpringAssist technology to make it simple to start this unit. The flex long tube allows you to direct the airflow of the blower with ease.

The variable throttle can be fixed at any speed, so you don’t have to maintain constant pressure on the trigger when you need to use it for larger jobs. The gas powered motor is supported by Troy-Bilt’s ergonomically designed backpack. The hip belt of the backpack is padded to make it more comfortable to wear. The Troy-Bilt TB4BP is backed by a limited, 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This backpack leaf blower has received mixed to positive reviews from consumers. Those who have purchased it have reported that the design is somewhat bulky, and the blower can be tricky to start because of the location of the pull string; however, almost all agree that it is capable of getting most residential jobs done – eliminating the need for the weekend warrior to shell out hundreds of dollars for a more expensive model.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology
197 Reviews
Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology
  • Operating from the user's backpack, this gas blower is comfortable, yet powerful enough to handle...
  • Up to 150 mph air speed and 500 cfm air volume for blowing large piles of leaves and debris
  • Fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system distributes weight evenly and comfortably between...
  • Backpack design and padded hip belt for reduced operator fatigue; fits the shape of your hips and...


  • The 4 stroke, 75.6cc commercial grade engine is more than capable of handling any job you might throw at it.
  • Its design meets and exceeds the evaporative emissions and exhaust regulations set forth by CARB and the EPA.
  • It can run for up to 2 hours on a single tank of gas.


  • One of the most expensive models on the market today.
  • The Makita BBX7600N has a noise output of 74 dBa (even with a muffler), which means that you will have to use hearing protection when you are using it.

The Makita BBX7600N 4 Stroke Backpack Blower is, hands down, one of the best backpack leaf blowers on the market today. It is powered by the commercial grade, 75.6cc, 4 stroke engine, which boasts lower oil and fuel consumption that other leaf blowers in its class. On a single 64oz tank of gas, the Makita can run for up to 2 hours at a time. No fuel mixing is required with this model. It has a max air speed of 195 mph and a max air volume of 526 cubic feet per minute.

The whole unit weighs in at 22.6 pounds, and it has its own padded back panel and shoulder straps to make it more comfortable to wear. The smaller size makes it ideal for using in tight spaces. Starting this Makita is made easier through its mechanical automatic engine decompression, and the oil drain plug and oil filling port are designed to be readily accessible for faster maintenance.

This backpack leaf blower has received almost universally positive reviews for its durability, power, and versatile application. The most common downsides consumers have noted are its loud noise output and the fact that the shortened blower tube makes it difficult to adequately reach under items to blow leaves out; however, according to Consumer Reports, an impressive 92% of buyers would recommend this model to a friend.

Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Blower
154 Reviews
Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Blower
  • Powerful and fuel efficient 75.6 cc 4-stroke commercial duty engine
  • Meets or exceeds EPA and CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations
  • Padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panel with lumbar support for improved operator comfort
  • Large capacity air filter is replaceable and easily accessible


  • It only weighs 14.7 pounds – making it one of the lightest backpack blowers on the market today.
  • Adjustable handles make the design ergonomic and comfortable to use.
  • The X-Torq engine reduces harmful exhaust emissions by 60% and increases fuel efficiency by 20%.


  • With a max air speed of 145 mph, its performance is not powerful enough to dislodge wet leaves and other stubborn debris.
  • Its noise output is 102 dBa.

The Husqvarna 130BT Backpack Blower is designed for the homeowner who has a lot of land to maintain. Its low weight, combined with its simple to use and ergonomic design, makes it ideal for those who must work for longer periods of time. Tube mounted controls make it more operational and provide for easier maintenance, and the all new X-Torq engine offers increased power.

The 2 cycle engine can reach a maximum air velocity of 145 mph and a max cfm of 430. Fuel and oil mixing is required. The unique design of this blower has a thumb operated lever that controls the power and a trigger to control its speed. The 130BT is CARB compliant, and it is covered by a limited, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Husqvarna 130BT has won universal praise for its lightweight, compact design, ergonomically designed and comfortable backpack, and its overall performance. Consumers state that it is an excellent value for the money, and the Husqvarna name guarantees that you will be buying a high quality product.

Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Backpack Blower, 29.5cc
104 Reviews
Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Backpack Blower, 29.5cc
  • 30cc engine
  • The powerful and easy to start X-Torq engine in combination with efficient fan design delivers high...
  • 145 MPH air speed
  • Ergonomic adjustable handles for superior operator comfort


  • This backpack blower comes with 2 lithium ion batteries. There is no need for fuel mixing or burdensome electric chords.
  • With a max noise output of 63 dBa, this blower is compliant with the rules of noise restricted areas.
  • The blower has an ergonomically designed variable trigger and speed lock for total power control.


  • With a max air speed of 142 mph, this backpack blower’s performance is a bit sluggish when it comes to moving heavy debris.
  • The total weight of the DeWalt DCBL590X2 is 36.2 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest backpack blowers in its class.
  • It is expensive.

With its max air speed of 142 mph and max CFM of 450, the DeWalt DCBL590X2 Max Lithium Ion Backpack Blower is a solid entry in its class. It is powered by two 40V 7.5Ah lithium ion batteries. There is no fuel mixing or small engine maintenance to worry about – something that has delighted many buyers. Moreover, with its advanced design, this DeWalt model has one of the lowest dBa outputs of any backpack blower on the market.

The control handle of this blower has a battery switch that allows you to choose which battery well to draw power from. Fully charged, each battery will provide you with about 20 minutes of continuous use for a total of 40 minutes running time. Each battery takes an average of 2 hours to charge, so professionals and large landowners will need to decide if one set of batteries is enough, or if a second will need to be purchased.

The primary downside of the DeWalt DCBL590X2 is its price, which rings in at $705.58. This is primarily due to the cost of the lithium ion batteries, and in some instances, a second set will need to be purchased. However, many consider the price well worth it for the ability to avoid having to mix fuels or worry about tripping over power cords.

DEWALT DCBL590X2 40V Max Lithium Ion Backpack Blower
20 Reviews
DEWALT DCBL590X2 40V Max Lithium Ion Backpack Blower
  • Part of the 40V MAX system of tools
  • Brushless motor with (2) 40V 7.5Ah batteries
  • Full variable speed trigger with a speed lock
  • Second battery well for additional battery and extended runtime


The right backpack leaf blower will make yard maintenance quick and simple, and the diverse range of available models and features means that it will not be difficult for you to find one that suits your needs. Each of the reviewed models were chosen, in part, for their durability, so that you can find a model that will provide you with many years of use. If you own one of these models, or have prior experience with one, please drop us a line below. We would love to hear about your experiences.

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