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Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader Review

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One of the many uses of push broadcast spreaders is to fertilize your lawn evenly with all the nutrients it needs for color, growth, overall health, and root strength.

Lawns require the active ingredients of fertilizer for plant growth and root vitality. Early Fall and late Summer are the optimum times of year for lawn fertilization. In the Spring, it can be used to apply a pre-emergent herbicide, plus a very light dressing of some low-nitrogen fertilizer. In the Fall, you can apply one light dressing of fertilizer early in the season, and another one late in the season. Use your broadcast spreader in Autumn if this wasn't done in the Spring. Seed should be applied approximately one month before the first frost.

Utilize your broadcast spreader in early Summer to apply a grub control product. Summertime is also good for feeding and fertilizing your lawn, but remember not to do this during a dry spell. In Wintertime, you can use your push spreader for spreading salt evenly on drives and walkways.

The AGri-Fab Manufacturing Company is located in Illinois and has a reputation for excellent quality and world-class manufacturing solutions. Their line of spreaders, in particular, their push spreaders, are favorably reviewed everywhere on the Internet.


  • Substantially built product, and easy to assemble
  • Inflatable tires have easy-to-access valve stems, good quality fastening hardware, and a strong polymer hopper body
  • Casts an extremely wide granular material dispersal pattern, the wheels don't bind and run smoothly, and a solid metal strap links the controller
  • Metering is precise, it's ergonomically comfortable, and the operating position is situated at a good height


  • Customer Service could be more responsive
  • Spreader does not have an edge guard


  • Rustproof poly hopper, solid rod gate-control, and spreader plate increase the life of this product
  • 130-pound capacity covers approximately 1/2 an acre (about 25,000 square feet) - Dependent on the speed of application and the material used
  • Durable aluminum bevel enclosed gearbox and taper
  • Maneuverable large pneumatic tires
  • Elective Pro Kit including shield available
  • Easy to set, professional-grade controls that permit precise application
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Consumer attachments of this Agri-Fab product are warranted for 3 years, excepting wear parts, which the company claims is the best warranty in the business


The Agri-Fab Push Broadcast Spreader 45-0462 weighs 35 pounds and measures 13.24" x 10.68" x 18.9". This broadcast spreader is push-style, covers approximately 25,000 square feet, and has a spreader width of 10 to 12 feet. The hopper has a capacity of 130 pounds, it has large pneumatic tires, and can be assembled quickly and easily. It also features easy hand control, an enclosed gearbox, a spreader plate, and a poly hopper.

This broadcast spreader is ideal for spreading ice melt during wintertime, and for spreading grass seed and fertilizer in summertime. This spreader is sure to make lawn care easy, with its large tires, easy-to-use control, and its ergonomic handle design. It can also be used to spread sand if the sand's coarse, and the operator closes the opening a bit. This workhorse spreader can handle approximately 130 pounds and can handle two 50 pound bags of rock salt easily. It also works well spreading pelletized lime.

The Agri-Fab Push Broadcast Spreader has a sealed gear box, but the instruction manual states that it should be opened up once each season for oiling. This machine features an open slot dispenser, instead of the flimsier rotating disks. Assembly of this spreader requires needle nose pliers, small rubber mallet, and a socket set. The gearbox isn't greased, so it must be taken apart to grease it.

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
128 Reviews
Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
  • Rustproof poly hopper
  • Solid rod gate control
  • Enclosed taper and bevel gear box
  • Pneumatic tires

Many users report that this spreader feels smooth and balanced during use. Calibration is done with a wing nut. The spreader doesn't appear to leak, and clumping is prevented by a clip rotating material inside the hopper. Cleaning of this unit is simple, and there is sufficient space between the parts to allow proper cleaning. The general consensus of users is that this is a well-built machine that is perfect for heavy use.


Fully 80% of online reviewers rate this product as excellent and would recommend its purchase. Nine percent of reviewers were moderately satisfied with this product, but had some issues with it, including having the gears start to slip on its first use, and its poor quality assembly instructions (just illustrations). Eleven percent of online reviewers were dissatisfied with this product, and would not recommend its purchase.

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