About Me

Hi, My name is Matt Hagens and thanks for visiting my about page!

A little about me and why you can trust me.

I’ve been a “recreational” gardener for a few years now. My family and I recently bought a new home and the yard needed a TON of work. I’ve worked at golf courses since I was a kid, so I have a basic understand of yard and landscape maintenance.

I spent months researching the best seed to put down, when to put it down and how to put it down. Also, when to water it and when to put down fertilizer. Should I buy patch seed or just rip up my entire lawn and start again? Wow – all of that sure was confusing

That’s exactly why I built Yard Care Gurus – to help the average homeowner sort out what type of grass seed to purchase, products needed to put it down and maintain your yard.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do feel that all of my research can benefit you to help make an informed, unbiased decision. Whenever I went into a big box home and garden store, I felt like I knew more about grass seed then their sales people.

The local mom and pop stores can be great resources if you can get a hold of the right person. I would like to make this website the go to resource for the average homeowner looking to get their yard in shape.

How does this website make money?

Running a website is expensive.

One of the ways my website makes money is through affiliate commission.  When you click on a link and go to a retailer, I get paid a small referral fee commission.  I spend hours researching the products that I recommend.

I will occasionally get products sent to me for free from manufactures to test and review.  Let me be very clear....just because I get a product for free, does not mean it gets a higher rating.  I do my absolute best to provide unbiased, honest product reviews.

I don't recommend products that I would not use in my own yard.

I'd love to hear from you!

If I missed anything or you would like to see another topic covered, please feel free to contact me – I enjoy interacting directly with the yard care community!

Talk soon,